Noah Cohen


When you find out that Noah Cohen grew up in Tofino, British Columbia you just assume that he’s been surfing since he could walk but you’d be wrong. He was 11 years old before he finally gave it a try. 10 years later Noah is splitting his time between home and some of the best breaks the world has to offer. In the last year he’s been to Indo, Chile, California, and Canada’s East Coast.

Catch him while you can though, because soon he’ll be on his way to Australia and New Zealand.  You also might assume that he’s caught up in the exotic travel lifestyle but when asked about his favourite surf experience he’ll most likely talk about a local camping trip on the Island with friends. He’s a positive kid who counts Dane Reynolds as an influence, but not more than his friend and teammate Pete Devries. “Watching Pete win the Coldwater Classic at home is one of my best memories of surfing” he says.

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