Pete Devries


His wife. His child. His dog. Peter Devries is Canada’s best surfer, yet he needs only those three things to make him happy. He doesn’t own a cell phone and he doesn’t care about nightlife—happiness to Pete is family. Well, maybe some waves too.


And he’s got them up there around Tofino, where he grew up and still lives. There are bunches of beach breaks around his house, and perfect slabs and points a boat ride away. Sure it’s cold, but he’s used to it (we’ve seen him take his gloves off in Iceland because he got too warm). Pete wears a 6 mil like Gaga wears wigs—naturally and with style.


He surfs loose, he surfs fast. Blasts airs on command and lands them with startling consistency. Like he did throughout the Cold Water Classic Canada—worked his way up through the trials spinning air reverses and holding nothing back, and being rewarded with the win. Not bad for a guy who hates contests.


The surf world should be happy that Pete hates contests, because we need him as a free surfer. He’s too easy going and kind to turn him into a competitive drone, and with talent that would only be hindered by a singlet. And we need him in Canada. Sure, his career would blossom with opportunity if he moved to the industry hub in California like so many good who live on the fringe do. But Peter loves the fringe (actually, Tofino’s more like the rough).


The fringe has it all because it has nothing. No traffic. No smog. No crowds. Just giant mountains and big trees. Bald eagles and bears. Some fun waves. His wife. His child. His dog.


Enjoy Pete with a cup of coffee and some fresh air.

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