In 2015 I would like to visit Hawaii or Thailand! I just want to escape, go on adventures, be in the water and lie on the beach.

The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is Whistler! Beautiful place and hopefully this time someone can teach me to snowboard :)

I would love to try Surfing or try out at a Shooting range!I love being in the water and Ive always wanted to know if I would be a good shot with a rifle on a range (clay or bottles only of course!)

My main goal for 2015 is to travel to the many places I want to see on my bucket list and have yet gone to! I`d also love to sit in Vaughn`s car while he drifts around!
My favourite event so far this year is Center of Gravity in Kelowna! Great music, beautiful view, everyone is in a good mood and ready to party!
I love working with all the girls, we have such an amazing Canadian team, we all get along, they are all super beautiful and very fun! We have all become very close friends ! 
I keep fit and in shape by working out at the gym and squats, lots and lots of squats ! Also by playing volleyball and hiking . 
If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is always black with minimal coverage, I hate tan lines! Hihi
My favourite thing to relax is to chill outside at night time with my dog and drink wine! 
To have fun and let my hair down I love to go on road trips not really knowing where I`m going! 


Nationality: French Canadian

Birth Month & Astrological Sign: September, Virgo

Funny Fact: I cry when I see spiders

Hidden Talent:  I am a very good cook

Favourite Food: Fatteh, it`s a Lebanese breakfast made of Greek yogurt, pita, chick peas, almonds and paprika

Interests and Hobbies: Most of my free time is spent in the gym and with family and friends

Activity I would love to try: I would love to try surfing and scuba diving

Goal for 2015: Finish my last year of massage therapy and go to Thailand

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