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Interview & Shoot with Kyle Walker.

King Kyle

Dec 282017

Having the honor of SOTY bestowed on you is without a doubt the highest honor skateboarding has to offer each year. When Shakespeare wrote “Heavy is the head who wears the crown” He must have been referring to Thrasher…right?

The phrase is used for a person who has great responsibilities, such as a king, and is constantly worried, therefore doesn't sleep. I’m not sure if SOTY comes with “great responsibilities” that keep you up at night but you damn sure can’t sleep to win it!

Kyle Walker’s reign is just about over. Foy was just announced so Kyle has another 2 days as the sitting SOTY. We caught up with the lame duck SOTY at the skatepark to talk about his reign. Sounds like it’s been a hell of a ride!


How was the SOTY party last weekend? 

Oh man! It was super fun, hella homies were up there turnin’ up for Jamie. 

 How’s it feel to be a lame duck SOTY?

What’s a lame duck?

It’s when a president is still the president after someone else gets elected but they still have a  couple months left in office.

Ohh I get it! Hahah No I am stoked to pass the torch to Jamie!

Are you going to be bummed when you aren’t the King?

Dude! I was never the “king” haha.

Getting SOTY probably sets a high bar for your skating. Did you feel any pressure from it this year? Do you think kids expect you to be like a video game and never fall?

I would hope kids don’t think that, cause I’m definitely not programmed like Shane O’Neill haha. But I do have hella people sending me the sketchiest kink rails in their city haha.

Who were your predictions for SOTY before they announced it?

I had my money on Louie or Jamie. Everybody killed it though!

Did you take it easy this year and recover from 2016?

Maybe a little bit. I feel like I’ve been going nonstop for like 4-5 years so a lil extra time off isn’t that bad.

What was the scariest trick you did this year?

Probably 180 in Atlanta at bust or bail.

Did anyone treat you differently? Did people bow when you walked into the skate park?

I wouldn’t say bow, but way more people be showing love.

How much did things change after SOTY? Did you get a fat pay bump from all the sponsors?!!

No comment… ha

Does your phone ring a little more? Are sponsors pulling at you a little harder now?

It really hasn’t changed that much. Been doing the same shit I was doing before I got SOTY. 

 It’s safe to say you are a motivated man. Were you trying to get SOTY? Was it a goal for you?

Yeah it was a goal no doubt. Thankfully everything worked out and somehow the stars aligned. It still doesn’t feel real honestly ha.

Were you surprised? Tell the truth did you think you would get it?

I really didn’t think I was gonna get it. I was so hungover that morning too when we all met up so I wasn’t even thinking twice about why alllll the homies were there hah.

I remember your parents came out for the SOTY party last year. Had they ever heard about it before you won?

Yeah they have. They still have Thrasher mags sent to the house and I’ve been moved out for awhile now haha. They know what’s up haha.

Were they supportive of your skating when you were growing up? 

They were super supportive thankfully.

What was there reaction the first time you told them you were going to try to live off skateboarding and not get a real job?

A little shocked for sure. I was just so over Oklahoma at the time and all I wanted to do was be in California and skate. Which that’s pretty far for your 16 year old kid to be moving out to ha. But I think they saw how determined I was and thankfully they trusted me. 

What do you think you would you be doing if you hadn’t made the move and stayed in OKC?

Shit, probably work for my dad with his heating and air conditioning company. 

Are you in the Guinness book of world records yet for the words longest kink grind? 

Haha nah.

Any advise for the newest SOTY?

Just keep killing it Jamie! If anything give me some advice on how to front crook!! Haha!

What’s next?

Everything. Let’s keep it going!