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Photos from the 2022 Skate | Pebble Beach Pool Session shot by Timothy Aguilar

Pebble Beach Pool Session | Monster Energy Skate

Jul 292022

Backyard Pool Hunter Ozzie Ausband was in search of the perfect pool for a backyard skate session for Monster skaters Trey Wood, Mami Tezuka, Lizzie Armanto, Kieran Woolley, and Liam Pace. Luckily, he found just the spot.

The San Fernando Valley shimmered in the afternoon heat. The huge van moved through traffic from Mulholland and through Van Nuys. The people in the van were headed to skate a pool. They talked excitedly among themselves and looked through photographs on their phones. By 11:00 am, the temperature was close to ninety degrees and the trees sagged in the sun. Scorched earth. The grass that grew against the road was dry and brown. Few people bothered watering their lawns and -- instead -- had the grass removed and replaced with stones, gravel or cactus. They headed deeper into the valley. In the summertime, everything was closed up tight. Houses dark. Curtains drawn, AC running... strangely still.

The van meandered through a few small streets and worked through an old neighborhood. The driver checked the address again. They were close. Palm trees marched up the hillsides beyond them. A horse corral wrapped an antiquated farm and a brown horse hung its head under a shade tree chewing grass.


The van stopped at the house. It was in an old nineteen fifties neighborhood. Red bougainvillea hung from the fences. The house stood out in this old place. It had a new facade, roof and paint. It was recently refurbished, and an extension built on the back. New windows and doors kept the heat at bay. They spilled out of the van and stretched their legs.

Grabbing water bottles and gear they moved to the backyard where the pool waited. It was a huge square pool from another time. Long sloping side walls gave it a strange appearance, it was like the original builders started making them round and sort-of lost their way.

The corners were round, carvable and mellow. Big bullnose coping perched on its lip and called to them. They were told about the pebble deck that was on the top of the pool and how it had been placed over the bullnose in the nineteen seventies.

The crew that found the pool had painstakingly removed it with chisels and hammers. Pebbles fell into the pool at times as someone did a lip slide or lapover grind. The big bullnose coping underneath grinded just perfectly and the skaters started to hit it hard. Trey Wood, Liam Pace, Lizzie Armanto, Mami Tezuka, Kieran Woolley and the Monster Energy crew took everything the pool and the day had, and asked for more.

The skaters were told that the owner was going to concentrate on refurbishing the pool next, now that the house was done. This was it. Get in and get it done. So it was. In the end, stoke was found and shared. When the skaters left, they took happiness with them and left nothing but wheel marks. As it should be.