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A Monster Energy recap of the 2022 Surf City El Salvador Pro

The Monster Lineup for Surf City El Salvador Pro 2022

Jun 132022

Bitcoin's not the only thing putting El Salvador on the map, as surfing has officially arrived in the small Central American country. Well, actually it's been there since the '70s. But, the coordinated government effort to recruit wave-riding tourists and host competitions like the ISA World Surfing Games and the Surf City El Salvador Pro, suggests that this is just the beginning. 

The wave on which CT surfers will be making history is Punta Roca, a right point break in the port town of La Libertad, just an hour and a half away from the capital of San Salvador. Consider Punta Roca the tall, dark, and handsome cousin of Rincon in California. Rippable is the word. And with the event landing square in the middle of a south swell season, contest directors will be rich with choice, a welcomed change after the sleepy G-Land event.

The Surf City El Salvador Pro runs from June 12 - 20, 2022. Tune into WSL to cheer on the Monster team.


Filipe Toledo:

After a runner-up finish in G-Land, FT has been able to retain his yellow jersey and goes into El Salvador — a wave perfectly suited for his video-game style of surfing — sitting on top of the world.

Griffin Colapinto

He just keeps clawing up the rankings! Griffin gained three spots during the G-Land comp, and goes into the seventh stop of the tour ranked No. 7 in the world. If he can keep his confidence high and attack Punta Roca like it's a Lower's right, he'll be in the Final Five shortly.


Aren't we missing someone? 


Sigh. Yes. Sadly, Seth Moniz suffered an MCL injury just a couple of days before the G-Land comp and will be out for at least this event.


How's the forecast looking? 


Punta Roca is a catcher's mitt for swell and the South Pacific's been throwing heaters. Expect the first couple of days to be small, then grow as the waiting period goes on.



Any hazards the surfers should be aware of? 


This was a fairly dangerous zone 20 years ago, with lots of crime on the dirt path to the break. Not so much now, as visitors will be greeted with a paved promenade lined with restaurants and palm trees. The biggest risk is cutting your feet on the rocks during entry / exit.