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Rehab Monster Peach Tea


It’s 2 P.M. Still sleeping, but who’s banging on the door? “Housekeeping!” Your eyes open to see a mermaid scoot across the floor. The housekeeper screams and mutters a prayer. This can’t be right. Your eyes close.


It’s after 4 now. Your head’s pounding. So many questions. You’ve got to meet everyone downstairs in an hour to do it all again. Not a problem. You’re a professional. You crack open a Rehab Monster Peach Tea and let the peach-infused electrolytes, vitamins, and botanicals work their life-giving, hydration magic. Congrats, You’re back from the dead.


Flavour Profile: Brewed Peach Tea


Rehab Monster Tea & Lemonade
Rehab Monster Peach Tea
Rehab Monster Strawberry Lemonade

Total Caffeine:

160 mg per can

Consume Responsibly:

Not Recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.