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Set of Images showcasing the road to the 2019 X Games

BMX Athlete

Ben Wallace

United Kingdom United Kingdom


One of the best 360 lookbacks in BMX. Ben Wallace is one of the unique riders that balances style and a heavy bag of tricks well. This dude can kill whatever you put in front of him, whether he’s firing off a set of good-looking combinations at a set of trails in the woods of England, blasting quarters at cement park in Spain, or stomping a 360 downside triple tailwhip on an X Games dirt course in front tens of thousands of people. Ben is always capable and his house is fit to burst with all the of all the medals and trophies this guy has won over the years. Unfortunately, Ben has had to lug those trophies from one side of the world to the other. Ben spent four years living in the states but was forced to move back to England in 2017 due to visa issues. He has a goal of bringing his family back to the States but is currently wading through some red tape thanks to the pandemic. No matter where he is in the world, you can find Ben at almost any event on the BMX calendar from the UK to the USA and all over Europe, so keep a keen eye out for him. Oh yeah, and did you know, Ben holds Guinness World Record for the highest BMX backflip? That’s real.



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