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Image from the Second stop of the Toyota Triple Challenge in Arlington, Texas

BMX Athlete

Dan Lacey

United Kingdom United Kingdom


Over the past two decades, any pro BMXer visiting the UK would spend time in Hastings and that meant that for Dan Lacey, growing up on a BMX was like being on a road with the best pros in the world every weekend in your hometown. Dan embraced every second of that opportunity, and these days Dan Lacey is regarded as one of the best BMX street riders in the world, becoming famous for throwing the biggest—and best looking—360’s down stair sets. Be it on the road with the Dub crew or at home in Hastings where it all started, Lacey, is BMX through and through and is dedicated to putting everything he has into it. While not known as a contest rider, Lacey has made a few appearances in X Games street events over the years, bagged a couple of wins at various events around the world, and been the pioneer of a few tricks like a backward grind to over toothpick down a rail. Where Dan really thrives is video parts. Dan has dropped multiple incredible sections like in Monster Energy’s own full-length iTunes release ABOVE BELOW and his long-time sponsor Federal Bikes’ recent release, FTS. In both videos, Dan had the coveted final section and both videos received the NORA Cup Video Of The Year award. Go give both of those a watch if you want to a perfect example of doin’ it right…



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