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BMX Athlete

Jamie Bestwick

United Kingdom United Kingdom


How would you go about explaining Jamie Bestwick to someone who isn’t familiar? “Well, he’s the best BMX Vert rider of all time. He’s won every event basically every time.” That’s surface talk. What really makes Jamie Bestwick a true legend are the 39 years spent on the bike that has led to this day. The dedication, passion, and hard work of a blue-collar British family. The son of a coal miner who took a risk down a path his father couldn’t understand. The willingness to quit his job and venture into the USA. The unwavering determination to fall from 20 plus feet and get up time and time again. The focus and true grit to be the ultimate competitor unlike BMX has ever seen for the last 20 years. 18 X Games medals. Seven Dew Tour Championships. A NORA Cup Award. An inductee into the BMX Hall Of Fame. The undisputed best vert rider in the world. Oh, and that’s just BMX. Jamie pulls quintuple (or more) duty as a competitive endurance athlete, Baja 1000 champion, Moto GP enthusiast, TV announcer, Action Sports Consultant for the world-renowned Woodward Camp, and Support Coach for British Cycling BMX Team. Oh, and he owns his own coffee shop called Rothrock Coffee. And yes, the coffee is great. Of course.



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