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Danny Kass during Summer X Games in Austin, TX

Snowboarding Athlete

Danny Kass

United States United States


At the dawn of the new millennium snowboard halfpipe had hit a plateau. Progression was stalled as the old guard fought to keep pace with a new generation of youngsters learning their chops in the newly developed and considerably larger Superpipe. But then, a young punk from New Jersey dropped in and sparked a pipe riding revolution that reset the whole discipline. That kid was Danny Kass. He nabbed his first pro pipe victory at Okemo, Vermont in 2001, and from that point kicked off an incredible competitive winning streak that, through the years led to four U.S. Open titles, seven X Games medals, and back-to-back silver medals in the Olympics. He’s the kid who introduced back-to-back 10s and many other dizzying combos to pipe competition but it wasn’t just Danny’s riding that made him a champ, it was his smartass attitude, sleepy yet lethal style and a cult-like fan base. Now a certified legend in snowboarding, Danny continues to influence the next generation—but make no mistake—Danny is still riding hard and reppin’ New Jerz to the fullest. That will never change.



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