Danny Schneider


Danny Schneider is the owner and founder of H9 Choppers in Switzerland, the
company he started in 2002 after he had a bad accident during a FMX training session where he broke his ankle 18 times, which finished his FMX career immediately.
He was one of the pioneers in Swiss FMX
After spending 4 months in a hospital, it started to become clear that he wouldn´t be able to get back on a dirt bike, cause of a stiff foot and a chronic bone infection.
But instead of takin the insurance money, and to work at a 8-5 office job he decided to go the hard way.
That´s when he decided to open H9 Choppers garage. Out of nothing. With no clue how to weld, how to work with metal, nothing.
Step by step, by simply learning how to do it and with help of some cool friends of his, he got into all of this stuff, building a couple of bikes, in the beginning just for the fun of riding them. That was until the D`MX bike rolled out of his garage!
Over 21 International major bike mags were reporting about Danny and the D`MX bike. He started to get invited to all the major bike shows, like "AMD World Championship of Bike Building" where he finished in 3rd place in the modified harley category, then to the "Artistry of Iron Master builders Championship". He was also the first european bike builder to ever be invited to the "Yokohama Mooneyes Show" as a special guest.
The production company roja-film released a 90min long documentary about Danny and the D´MX build off and his trip to Japan, which was shown in movie theaters all over Switzerland and parts of Europe. But the crazy schedule doesn´t keep Danny from riding his BMX, boxing 3 times a week and nowadays you´ll even find him back on the dirt bike!
Over the past year he built a Triumph 5s from 1942, which became even more successful than the D´MX, traveling to shows all around the world for an entire year, from Europe to Brasil, Sturgis, Las Vegas, LA and back to Japan! In between Danny worked on 2 vintage flattrack bikes, simply for the fun of riding them afterwards. 
Looks like he is not the boy sitting on the couch and won´t be any time soon... What shows that with a lot of effort, passion and hard work everyone can get back on the track and become successful!

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