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Curren Caples has been turning heads with his skateboarding since he was 9 years old. He has a rare blend of talent that is both technical and stylish. And he’s been on the radar since he was a young pup. 

Now at 19, Curren has become one of the most exciting street and transition skaters in the world. Excelling both on screen and in competition, continuing to live up to and exceeding the high expectations put on him in those early days, he’s done everything to back it all up. Thanks to his effortless style and natural ability Curren has evolved into a more mature and technical skater. And this year he’s shown no sign of stopping. 

2015 has seen the Ventura, California local put out a major part in Vans’ highly acclaimed (and first) skateboarding film Propellor, where he shared the screen with skate royalty like Geoff Rowley, Anthony Van Englen and Tony Trujillo. This year’s also been highly successful competitively for Curren, who’s the owner of the 2015 Gold Gold Medal from X-Games Austin, which is his second X-Games Gold.  His first he won by beating the heavily favorited Pedro Barros at X-Games Munich in 2014. And it was just last year that Curren released his first pro video part and signature deck with Flip skateboards, alongside long-time friend Louie Lopez. 

And the best part about this bio is that Curren is really just getting started. He’s young, stylish and hungry to continue adding to what’s already been a very fun-to-watch career. Get out your google machine and turn up the Curren Caples search function now. 

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