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Kody Kamm may be only 18, but this budding Snocross phenom has racked up more than seventeen years of racing competitively and a maturity on his Pirtek/Polaris snow machine that exceeds his years. Having been born in Kenosha, Wisconsin you would think it wassno the siren song of the snow that called to Kody’s competitive spirit first, but it was dear ol’ dad and his dirt that grabbed him. Dad Cliff had been a dirt bike racer in his heyday and so, at the ripe age of 5, he gifted Kody with his first KTM 50. It didn’t take long for Dad to see the potential in his son and deemed him ready to enter his first race that same year. Kamm’s natural talent opened the door for him to turn pro as an independent at just 15. It was about that time that that powdery white siren found Kody.

“Some friends of mine from motorcross had snowmobiles and I tried it out. It was so much fun and it was good for my training,” explains Kamm. “Then, it turns out, I’m actually pretty good!”

Pretty good?! Words like “meteoric”, “dominating”, “exceptional” have all been attached to Kody from industry insiders and analysts as Kamm became 1 of only 3 racers to compete both the Pro National Motorcross and pro Snocross series. While others have trained for years, Kody’s transition to Snocross has yielded immediate accolades. Try just a couple of seasons after hopping on his first sled, this quietly focused kid has garnered junior and semi-pro championships. Kamm claimed the 2011-2012 Pro Lites Championship despite only contesting 14 of the 15 rounds. That last event in March at Lake Geneva?  Well Kody had already sealed the deal, so he and the Hentges Racing team opted to instead enter the Pro Open class. Sure it was arguably one of the toughest tracks riders face all season, but where better to see what you have really got? The freshly-minted champion grabbed that 1st-place trophy too!

“Kody has just a really unique style,” says Hentges Racing team owner Nate Hentges. “He’s super-smooth and can find racing lines that others just can’t. He’s a surprisingly mature racer for being only 18.”

It’s that maturity that has landed Kamm on SnowGoer Magazine’s  “Fast Five” Best Snowmobile Snocross Racers for this season. In their words, “A first-year pro with this group (of seasoned-veterans)? We’d typically avoid that, but this kid is the exception.”

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