Those Furious Flames


Those Furious Flames is a rock band from Ticino, the southern part of Switzerland.

It was born at the end of 2003 with a need to hit the audience with an hard dose of rock sound and to shred the world´s stages!
Those who have seen them live will be able to tell you how this rockers are able to tear up a stage as well as any of the rock greats.

In 2004 after having spent a more few months togheter they released their debut album on Nextpunk Records: “She’s great”.

In 2005 the singer Yari Copt spent several months fighting against cancer and the band had to cut down on the live shows
while he was being cured. After about a year Yari finally got healthy and the band was back on track.

During 2007 the band retreated for some time so as to be able to give birth to the second album “Hot hot baby rock”
released at the end of may 2008 by 808 Records and Leechredda.
The album received positive reviews and it allowed the band to do quite a number of gigs during the next years.

One year later Those Furious Flames proudly signed with Alpha & Omega management ruled by Alex Azzali got back in studio
to record 10 new songs for the 3rd full lenght album "Trip To Deafness".
In the spring of 2010 "Trip to Deafness" is released in by Bagana Records and distributed by Edel in Italy and by 808 Records and distributed by Phonag in Switzerland.

Following the release of the CD, the band has played some acclaimed gigs all over Europe, Russia and California (USA) and amongst the others performing in legendary venues as "Whisky a GoGo" and "Viper Room" and with bands as Faith No More (usa), Papa Roach (usa), Valient Thorr (usa), the Bones (swe), Uk Subs (gb) and many more, receiving positive feedbacks from critics and fans.

Those Furious Flames are currently working on their 4th LP and are ready to rumble and let the world speak about them.

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