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New for 2015….

In 2015 I would like to visit
St tropez/Monaco... I live so close and still haven`t even visited this place yet thats bizarre!
The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is
St Barths- it has the most amazing memories with My best friend
I would love to try
elephant riding!!!! Through waterfalls 

My main goal for 2015 is
Travel to as many places as I possibly can, keeping an amazing tan and having the best time with my monster girls along the way!!!

My favourite event in 2014 was
Le Mans..... There was so many of us Monster Girls together I loved seeing all the girls!!
I love working with the most because
SYDNEY her one liners are unbelievable she is the funniest girl I have ever met!!!
I keep fit and in shape by
Horse riding and the gym
If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is
Black and small.... I HATE tan lines!!
My favourite thing to relax is
Lie on a beach, while tanning and drinking cocktails!!!!! Or watching home and away!!
To have fun and let me hair down I love too
Getting dressed up and Partying hard with my girls!!!


2014 bucket list  - To Ski - doo
Nationality  - British
Favourite food  - Warm chocolate fudge cake
Favourite event   - British Super Bikes
Skills   – Horse riding & Skiing
Hero  - Amber Maloney a fellow Monster Girl
Ridiculous fact   – I speak chihuahua, I own two.
Best Feature  - My long legs


UK RX -  23rd – 25th May
Snetterton BSB -   15th June
Donington BSB -   7th September
Silverstone BSB -  5th October

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