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Band Imagery of Caliban 2016


Mar 102016

What’s the origin of the new album „Gravity“ and what served you as inspiration for the album and the album title?We started writing the album around April (2015), first collecting ideas and then built everything else around it.In summer most songs were finished and we started with the lyrics.Then we started to track the instrumentals at Marcs Nemesis studios and the vocals in Berlin.Gravity is meant in a personal way, everything that can drag you down or pull you apart/away, fear, society, loss, relationships and so on.  What sets this album and the way it was produced apart from past CALIBAN albums? „Gravity“ is pretty similar to the last 2 albums, the difference is mainly that we had more control on how it's gonna sound because Marc took a lot of time in his studio to shape the sounds, like the very aggressive guitar time for example. So it turned out darker and heavier than previous releases, and it has a lot of drive!What’s special about this album in comparison to other Caliban albums? Andy took over a lot on the melodic vocals Andy and "only" sings additional to him, that creates a very unique sound and at the same time adds more drive and aggression to the sound because most of the time it's not so clean. So we kept the melodies and emotional parts but they sound more natural because Andy is present with his voice all the time. What’s your favourite song on the album and why? That would most probably be a different song for each member in the band! But we all love paralyzed! It has everything, drive, aggression, a very nice chorus which introduces Andy really well and it's just really heavy! Maybe a bit unconventional for the first "single" but we really love that song! Are you looking forward to taking the new album out on the road and performing it for your fans? I mean which band is not crazy for the moment to present the new album and the new songs for the first time?! ;) We really can't wait!!!