Mercedes Terrell

United StatesUnited States

In 2016 I would like to visit:
I want to visit Peru this year because I`d really like to hike the Inca Trail up Machu Picchu!

The place I visited this year for the first time and would like to go
back to is:
The island of Tavarua, Fiji. Such a beautiful island with the most amazing coral reefs surrounding it; I can`t wait to revisit!

I would love to try:
Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, and Driving a Pre Runner truck in the desert!

My main goal for 2016 is :
To bring artwork (painting/drawing/writing) back into my life. I`ve become so busy working that I forget to make time for some of the things I love most.

I love working with
Dianna Dahlgren the most because we always find a way to get into mischief together! Plus we are constantly laughing with each other.

I keep fit and in shape by:
practicing Muay Thai(kick boxing) and Yoga, plus I love to run and hike! I also eat pretty dang healthy.

If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is:
ha! I have 100`s to choose from and so many favorites I can`t even count them! I just love tiny bikinis in all shapes and sizes as long as they cover my fun parts and make my butt look good I`m "in there like swim wear", lol!

My favourite thing to do to relax is:
snuggle in bed with my two kittens and a good movie. I also love taking baths and reading a good book.

To have fun and let my hair down I love too: 
drive sand cars(dune buggys) in the desert, dance with my girlfriends, play adult charades with a good group  of friends, ha!


Hometown: : Las Vegas / Orange County

Height: 5’6"

Profession: Model / Spokesmodel

Favorite Monster Athlete: Dean Wilson

Favorite Monster drink: Nitrous-Killer Bee

First Job: Worked at a Flower Shop / Florist


Hi Everyone,

Monster asked me to write a bio about myself, Hmmm…, I always feel like I’m filling out a profile on or something when I’m asked to do this so I’ll just state the facts: My name is Mercedes Terrell and I’m a 26-year-old Gemini who bounces back and forth from Orange County, CA to Las Vegas, NV making her living as a model/spokesmodel. I’m a mix of Sicilian/Mexican/Welsh which in translation means I’m a mutt! I like to say my life is like being a Rockstar…without all the drugs! I’m constantly on tour and traveling whether it’s with Monster Energy Supercross or Bellator MMA Fighting Championship. I do spend most of my time away from home but you know what they say: “absence makes the heart grow fonder”; It’s probably not the life for everyone but I love it! I believe that life is what you make it. I live my life to the fullest and I do my best to make sure that I don’t take anyone or anything for granted.

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