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Images of Bloody Beetroots.


The Bloody Beetroots


A joyful cheer … a raised fist … an upward roll of the eyes … no matter where you come from, you can decode these signals without a dictionary. You don't always need words to communicate but they sure can make a big difference. "I wasn't mature enough before to understand how much weight words can have," says producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, mastermind of The Bloody Beetroots. Now, as his music evolves to a higher state, language—in all its gravity and fluidity—plays a pivotal role as heard on this third album The Great Electronic Swindle for Last Gang Records. Certainly, language barriers didn't stop the Italian-born Rifo from connecting with audiences worldwide almost immediately after he unleashed The Bloody Beetroots in late 2006. Inspired by Rifo's lifelong love of comic books and punk rock, the visceral kick of the Beetroots' sound has featured prominently in TV shows and video games, and powered dozens of remixes for artists including Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, The Refused, Peaches and Britney Spears. The Bloody Beetroots and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s discography features a string of successful EPs and two full length albums (2009’s Roborama and 2013’s Hide) —including collaborations with Sir Paul McCartney, Tommy Lee, Steve Aoki, Peter Frampton and many more. Clubs, theaters and festivals around the world have thrilled to different incarnations of The Bloody Beetroots’ incendiary live show. From Coachella and Lollapalooza to Governor’s Ball and Big Day Out, The Bloody Beetroots Live have entertained millions across six continents.   Rifo doesn't just want to entertain audiences; he strives to engage and challenge them, emotionally and intellectually. Changes in Rifo's personal life and the world in general have inspired him to speak with increasing openness–and listen attentively to the words and ideas of others as well. That in turn enabled Rifo to work more closely with myriad artists on this album.