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Images of Jndia Erbacher racing at Santa Pod in 2018

Top Fuel: Jndia scorches records at 297mph

Sep 122018

Our latest, fastest, and most badass athlete signing - Top Fuel driver Jndia Erbacher - closed out her championship season in epic style last weekend by smashing a new personal best for time and speed.

On the final day, of the final round, racing in the 2018 FIA European Drag Racing Championships, 23-year-old Jndia grabbed the holeshot by unleashing the beast that is her 11,000bhp Top Fuel drag car; clocking in at a record 3.99 seconds at the finish line of Santa Pod’s quarter mile.

“I wasn’t super optimistic about Sunday because of the difficult qualification runs on Friday and Saturday,” explains Jndia. “I was going up against Dad in the first race on Sunday – which I always knew was going to be difficult because he’s a fast driver and will give me a good run to the finish. I just focused on trying to do my best, and getting a quick reaction time. When I crossed the finish line, my first thought was that it was a quick time, but I wasn’t sure, because I couldn’t see the timing screens.


“I radioed over to my pit crew, but nobody answered straight away – so I figured it wasn’t any good and they were angry with me! Then I looked across to see the tow-car driver, and I could see him cheering, but of course I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Then one of my crew finally came running over and was just screaming; ‘A three! A three…’


“By that point we were super happy with the weekend. I was so happy to get a three second run – a new PB. After that I won my semi final run and also set a new personal best speed; 297mph. We got a bit of tyre shake in the final, and finished runner up, but overall – it was just an awesome Sunday, and an awesome way to finish the season. Not just that but it’s a huge boost for everyone in the team – to work hard over the off-season, and come back faster for next year. I’d love to take on the first two races in the US next year – at Pomona and Las Vegas – but there’s a lot of work to do before then.”


We can’t wait to see Jndia back in action. Keep a check on her updates here, and in the meantime feast your eyes on the photos of Jndia’s Erbacher Racing 11,000bhp Top Fuel car lighting up the start line.