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BMX Athlete

Andy Buckworth

Australia Australia


Oh, that guy? If you’re talking about “that guy that can do double flips on anything.” That’s Andy. Oh, and front flips, too. Andy can be seen doing no-handed double flips to start his runs at any major dirt comp and going viral on Instagram front flipping over a truck to flat. Andy is truly known for making the double rotations almost seem…normal. Not limited to a single trick or even ramps, Andy is a consistent podium threat on any type of event he enters. He has a slew of wins and medals from X Games Big Air, Toyota Triple Challenge dirt events, and park events around the world. When not competing, Andy is a staple on the Nitro Circus Live Tour where he jet sets around the globe sending variations of double front and backflips on a near nightly basis. It’s not all fun and flips, though. During a Nitro Circus show in 2016, Andy was part of a motorcycle stunt gone wrong and broke multiple bones in his leg. Andy spent most of 2017 going through what can only be described as a saga to get healthy. Multiple surgeries (one of ’em botched) and lots of pain, boredom, and uncertainty later, Andy is back and healthier than ever.