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BMX Images from Toyota Triples Finals in Anaheim California Supercross.

BMX Athlete

Pat Casey

United States United States


Pat is an anomaly in BMX. He does all the crazy tricks and goes to all the mainstream events, but he manages to be one of the most respected dudes in the game by even the core of riders. Why you ask? Because he makes this shit look cool. Pat dips his 360 variations further than anyone, can get sideways like the most stylish dudes in the game, and throw absolutely insane tricks like double decades or 360 barspins to double tailwhips. While all that forward riding is impressive, it’s actually the stuff that Pat does going backward that is the most progressive. Pat has been an absolute innovator when it comes to doing tricks to fakie and while riding fakie. Casual 540 whips over spines, 180 triple whips—you may even see Pat try to 180 whip the final jump in a dirt event. Pat can fire out fakie front flips, fakie double whips, fakie full cab whips, and is the only person to do a fakie cashroll. I know that’s hard to follow, but just go watch, well, all four of Pat’s Dreamyard video series. They’ll blow yer mind. Pat has stacked wins across the world, but you’ll find him most comfortable on his home turf with his family, especially getting to session with his oldest son (and future beast) Reid, on a daily basis.