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Brendan Fairclough competes in the 2015 Rampage MTB event.

Mountain Biking Athlete

Brendan Fairclough

United States United States


Affectionately known as mountain biking's premiere “free-racer”, Brendan Fairclough is as comfortable making his way down a World Cup race track as he is back-flipping a canyon gap at Rampage. He has a way of having fun on anything with 2-wheels and whether he is seat bouncing his moto or playing on his fixie there is usually a smile on the Englishman’s face. It’s not all fun and games however, as making your way onto multiple World Cup podiums is serious business and Brendog knows when to put on his game face and get to work. Fairclough seems to only get better with age and as he has matured, the top-10 World Cup results have been starting to pile up and the future looks bright; be it at the dirt jumps, on the race track or on the side of a desert ridge in Utah, Brendan will be fun to watch in 2016.