Keith Flint

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
As a part of one of the world’s most heart-pumping, high-energy drum ‘n’ bass bands in the world, it takes quite a lot for Prodigy frontman Keith Flint to match the adrenaline rush he feels on stage.

But that is exactly what happens when Keith hops aboard a bike and his passion for speed stems from his days racing around his estate as a kid. He never lost that enthusiasm and he graduated from the streets to tearing up the tarmac, and over the last few years he’s turned it into more than just a hobby.

When he’s not ripping up the stage or studio Keith’s probably around a motorcycle, and he’s spent as much time as possible visiting some of the biggest motorsport events in the world in recent years.

After starting with some track days he soon moved on to racing competitively and that’s where Keith’s brainchild was born - Team Traction Control. The team in 2010 and entered the Hottrax Endurance Championship, and they’ve grown every year since.

Keith takes on the role of team principal and in 2014 they’re making huge moves. For the first time the team will enter the Isle of Man TT Race, as well as several BSB events - and they will also debut in the British Supersport Championship too with American racer James Rispoli.

You may only know him as the menacing presence at the front of the Prodigy, but as Team Traction Control grows that may well change...
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