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Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, the very year that Dustin Craven was born. Growing up as a snowboarder in Canada’s Rocky Mountain province of Alberta, Dustin was, for a short time, enchanted by Gold Medal dreams, but found that shredding on his own terms was always much more fun. It also leaves more time for his other passions, like skating, dirt biking, and chasing chicks. Starting in fifth grade, Dustin began localizing Sunshine Village resort where, showing skill and a willingness to jump off anything, he was taken under the wings of Alberta’s best riders. Under their influence his riding rapidly evolved. After a few years of playing the bib game, Dustin stepped away from the contest scene to concentrate on exploring the backcountry. Bouncing back and forth between Alberta and snowboarding’s pro proving grounds of the Whistler backcountry, Dustin has been steadily stepping-up his powder skills while filming for regional films like 2009’s Throw Your Panties and several movies in the long-running series from B.C.’s 8-Mile Life crew—2010’s Moose With Hat and 2011’s Vacay. His heaviest part to date came in Capita’s 2011 feature Defenders Of Awesome, showing this regular-footer’s versatile backcountry abilities in slaying jumps and charging lines. For 2012, Dustin filmed another mean full-powder part with Videograss for Enlighten.

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