Petr Simak

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Petr Simak was born in November 6, 1973 in Prachatice where he also studied on Gymnazium. He grew up in racing family and since he was a little boy he composed and glued models of airplaines, cars and motorcycles. In 1997 Peter left for USA where he ended up in Huntington beach in Cali, famous Hot Rot place and he specialized on custom design of motorcycles, vehicles and helmets for clients such as Kid Rock, Michael Jordan, Puff Daddy etc. He stayed in US to 2002. Until then he worked as a graphic designer in a few different prestigious graphic companies whose focus was on motorsport. Peter also worked a few sesons as a technician for famous racer and stuntman Rhys Millen in Mitsubishi USA rally team.

In 2002 he came back to Czech and started his own company named Slim Grafix ( ). To Design and create his original graphic on helmets , motorcycles and other objects connected largely with racing that was his dream and it became true. Nowadays he paint helmets and motorcycles with the technology airbrush and he is dealing with catalogs, commercials, logos and stickers. Peter’s focus is on originality of the design and to use the best material and technologies. He is absolutely number one in the whole world! Peter´s greatest passion is travelling and motocross.

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