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he Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach has been running for more than 50 years, and while the break itself incites grumbles from much of the WSL competitors (“too soft, too slow, too fat”), by the end of the waiting period, Bells’ history, tradition and prestige win

This Way In - 2019 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Apr 192019

Location, Location, Location

Den Rip Curl Pro Contest in Bells Beach gibt es seit mehr als 50 Jahren. Obwohl sich einige der WSL TeilnehmerInnen immer wieder über den Break beschweren ("zu soft, zu langsam, zu fat...") überzeugt Bells Beach selbst die größten Nörgler mit seiner Geschichte, Tradition und Prestige. Also hol dir einen Kaffee, zieh den Wetsuit an und lauf die Treppen hinunter während dir AC/DC den Soundtrack in deine Ohren hauen - der 2019 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach steht vor der Tür.  

Die Waiting Period für den diesjährigen Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach läuft von 17 - 27.  April in Torquay, Australien. Check auf den Stream und feuere das Monster Energy Team kräftig an. 

Monster Threats:

Conner CoffinHe was straight fire on the Goldy, and the icy water of Bells will remind him of home. We love fire and ice!

Seth MonizSeth’s debut at Duranbah was something to behold, finishing 5th and giving him the confidence to continue the Australia leg with his chin held high.

Griffin ColapintoUnfortunately, Griffin tweaked his knee and will be sitting Bells out this year.

Filipe ToledoWith waves that often ask you to create your own speed, Filipe will be happily obedient. Especially at Winkipop.

Owen WrightOwen stood atop the Bells podium as Junior and isn’t quiet about wanting that view again. Especially at his sponsor’s event.

Yago DoraYago will bring a refreshing, new-school approach to an old-school wave. Who knows, maybe even go left?!


3 Questions:

Do you really have to “win it to ring it.”?  Yep. In fact, urban legend has it that a Rip Curl employee once rang the Bells trophy and was immediately fired. Yikes!

What’s a Winkipop? It’s the name of the wave just around the corner from Bells. A slightly steeper, more progressive wave.   

How’s the forecast look? There’s a lot of swell in the Southern Ocean but it's power might be shadowed from Bells. Look for lully, chest-head high waves for the beginning of the waiting period.