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Stop 2 – Montpellier, France

Next it’s back to our roots!
This stop needs no introduction it is LEGENDARY.  This event is considered the most anticipated amongst action sports riders and fans.  Crowds for this one usually hit the 600,000 mark making it t

BMX Athlete

Alex Coleborn

United Kingdom United Kingdom


An absolute technician on a bike. The UK’s Alex Coleborn has more tricks on the deck of a ramp than most pros have in totality. A product of the early days of the internet, Alex spent his teens watching and emulating his favorite pros. Alex states that he practiced every trick endlessly until he could do them better than the guys he had been watching. Coleborn has been credited as being a pioneer of technical ramp riding and is often revered by his fellow competitors. The road hasn’t been easy, though. Alex suffered a terrible crash in 2012, breaking his hip and threatening to end his pro career just as it began, but Alex has proven that he has the work ethic and passion for BMX to remain at the top of his game. Alex has been dominating events all over the world and has been named the British BMX National Champ and has a spot on the Great British Cycling Team. He has his eyes set on the first ever Freestyle BMX event at the Olympics, but once the Games are wrapped up, expect Alex to get back to work on another banging’ video part…



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