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Images from the 2022 X Games event in Aspen

Skiing Athlete

Megan Oldham

Canada Canada


Some riders just have that extra something! Whatever it is, Canadian freeski prodigy Megan Oldham has it in droves. X Games gold? Check! FIS Chrystal Globe victory? Check! All-terrain talent across Big Air and Slopestyle? You bet! Hailing from Parry Sound, Canada, Megan has been headed for the big leagues from a young age. Pushed into freeski by her older brother, the Ontario native is part of a new generation that’s equally comfortable riding switch as much as regular. She’s known for her calm and technical riding style and keeps pushing the limits with groundbreaking tricks like double cork 1260s and switch 1080s – also in high-pressure competitive situations. Climbing all the way to the top was only a matter of time: In what was only her second start at X Games, Megan soared above the world elite to claim Women’s Ski Big Air gold at Norway 2020. And just like that, Megan Oldham became a household name and went down in history as the first Canadian woman to make the X Games Ski Big Air podium. Since then, she’s kept the medals and podiums coming, while the best is still ahead of her. Megan is trying to just enjoy the ride, and it’s easy when you got that special something.



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