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Successful without their home couch

Since their foundation in 2010 Eskimo Callboy have gained an outstanding reputation in Europe and showed the music community that Germany is always good for a surprise. As soon as you mention the guys from the small city called Castrop Rauxel it`s going to bee crazy - meteoric career, million clicks on Youtube, sold out tours, crazy shows and heavy parties. Sounds like a solid life of a rock star, but a lot of hard work has gone into it. Especially because the guys want to make everything on their own. They are writing and producing their songs and albums almost by themselves. And of course nothing changed with their new album CRYSTALS. Only the mastering was made by a friend of the band, the rest was up to the guys. This attitude drove a lot of their label colleagues, promoters or friends crazy, cause CRYSTALS evolved into a mammoth project. Just in the last three month the album changed completely and the guys did not even had a deadline. During their work for the last albums WE ARE THE MESS and BURY ME IN VEGAS Eskimo Callboy also put a lot a pressure on themselves. Following the slogan - "It`s just gonna be awesome, if we think it`s awesome". To made that happen Eskimo Calloy locked themselves up for three weeks in a cabin in Holland, to break routines and focus just on CRYSTALS. If you are far away from a nice couch, bed and friends you can work way harder than normal. But this boot camp was worth it, cause CRYSTALS presents new impressions, variety and will surprise even Eskimo Callboy fans.

Maybe one of the biggest surprises is their song `Best Day` with hip hop star Sido. "I know they gonna hate us for this song, but we always wanted to made a hip hop track. We all like rap and thought about who we could make a song with. Sido is not just rapping typical hip hop topics anymore, so we thought that he would be the perfect match. Our label made the contact to Sido. He likes what we`re doing and we directly made that song." On the first sight this cooperation seems to be unusual, but Eskimo Calloy experimented with different styles and influences since their beginning. No matter if it is electro, hardcore, pop or metal this sextet knows no boundaries of a genre. You love or hate the guys for what they are doing, but they always remained true to themselves like Kevin said: "When we started this band and nobody knew us we just made music we liked. Why should we chance that now?"

With their unconventional way they not only made friends and are often exposed to strong criticism and confronted with hostility. Especially for `guardians of the scene` the band is a major headache. But because the band do not think that they are a "normal metal act" they take criticism and comments like this - could it be any different? - with humor and will never stop doing their thing. Eskimo Callboy is one unit, whether if it is songwriting, production or the show on the stage, all decisions are made jointly. Everyone is involved in the process, so every idea and creative suggestion can lead to a songs, outfit or even a whole show. After their last shows the expectations of the fans and spectators are really high. Fortunately you have to look at Eskimo Callboy as a convertible work of art. With their new album CRYSTAL, all upcoming tours and festivals in Europe the band is ready for the next big step. 

Eskimo Callboy Tour: 

Presentet by EMP, Metal Hammer,Impericon, Tätowier Magazin

28.03.15    Köln E-Werk

29.03.15    München    Backstage Werk

02.04.15    Hamburg    Docks

04.04.15    Berlin    Postbahnhof

09.04.15    Stuttgart    LKA

10.04.15    Leipzig    Werk 2

 Eskimo Callboy Tour Russia: 

24.04.15 Belarus   Minsk @ Republic 

25.04.15 Russia St.Petersburg @ Zal Ozhidaniya 

27.04.15 Russia Novosibirsk @ Rock City 

29.04.15 Russia Yekaterinburg @ Tele-Club

30.04.15 Russia day-off in Moscow 

01.05.15 Russia Moscow @ Volta 


29.05. - 31.05.15 Germany Nürburg Der Ring - Grüne Hölle Rock 

29.05. - 31.05.15 Germany München Rockavaria

10.07.2015 Austria St. Andrae Rock am See

07.08.-08.08.15 Germany Sulingen Reload Festival

For more information:

Eskimo Callboy are:
Sebastian Biesler - Vocals
Kevin Ratajczak - Synts, Vocals
Daniel Haniß - Guitar
Pascal Schillo - Guitar
Daniel Klossek - Bass
Michael Malitzki - Drums

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