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Ben Hatchel isn’t from “the skate scene.” He’s from a small town. Somewhere called Manassas, VA. And he spent most of his childhood not knowing that skateparks even existed. “I didn’t know skateparks were a thing, so when I got to the Vans Skatepark in Woodbridge, VA, my mind was blown.” Since then, he’s figured them out, and then some. 

Cut to summer 2015 and it would be Ben Hatchel winning the prestigious VanDoren Invitation on the sands of Huntington Beach in front of a massive crowd during the Vans US Open, one of the more prestigious and watched skate events in the world. A long time spent in the park since that first trip, but as you can see, it’s been quite productive. It’s in transition Ben has really shined. 

Probably because early on he was actually more of a vert skater, and won his first contest in the Tampa Am vert contest, simultaneously getting second in street that same year. It’s that moment that his transition into overall skate domination began. And he’s been sure to see the sites along the way. 

“The highlight of my career really has been the opportunity to travel as much as I have and see all the different parts of the world.” So he’s packed a drawer full of hardware as well as memories. 

With a list of competitive accolades miles long that include 4 X-Games medals, Ben’s also been able to maintain his street-cred in the street with appearances in major skate films as well, including his breakout part in the Powell video Fun!. 

At 26, he’s still grinding and destined to continue his transitional dominance, recently trading in the small town for the big time by moving to California where he’s already become hooked on In ’n’ Out and joined a band. Expect more of the same rad transitions in the future from Ben. 

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