New for 2015….

In 2015 I would like to visit
Barcelona, because i never been there in my life.. !!!
The place I visited last year for the first time and would like to go back is
its funny but it is Groningen, its in my own country but i never been there before, people say you can shop really good over there, so i want to go back for shopping haha.

I would love to try

driving quads in South Africa through wildlife, i saw in on television a few weeks ago, and i said OMG i want do that once in my life, right away

My main goal for 2015 is
To work work work

My favourite event in 2014 was
Motocross in Zuidbroek Groningen Netherlands, We got to ride on the back of the Motorbikes!!!
I love working with the most because
i love to work with my dutchy Linsey and the German girls Sue and Jessica, i also met Rhiannion on the conference this year and i really hope to work with her someday, she felt like a sister from another mister haha

I keep fit and in shape by
Gym and Dancing

If I am at the beach I wear my favourite bikini which is
its from a dutch brand called Bikin ibiza.

My favourite thing to relax is
go with a friend to the hamam it gives me new energy

To have fun and let me hair down I love too
I love too dance at fesitvals, we have a lot in holland !


2014 bucket list
- Travel around Thailand island hoping
Nationality   - Dutch
Favourite food   - Sushi, I would eat it every day if I could!
Favourite event - GK Grid
Best Feature    - My long legs
Interests   – I podium dance in Benelux
Ridiculous fact – I painted my hair pink when I was ten.
Funniest Moment   - my friends say every moment is funny when I am around – a compliment I think?
Best Feature   - My blonde long hair
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