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‘Against All Odds’ Season Two

Published On:: 23/7/2023

Throwback to the moments that defined the stormy ’22 season of MXGP.

Throwback to the moments that defined the stormy ’22 season of MXGP. As our riders are gearing into position into the second half of this season, relive the tensions and hard-fought battles that defined the year. Season two of Against All Odds takes you behind the scenes on the tough wins, devastating losses and lessons learnt across 19 Grands Prix and the MXON.

Showcasing the hell-bent talents of the MXGP ranks across three probing episodes, homing in on 22’s unjust lessons and how this sport can leave you celebrating podiums one minute, and in devastation the next.

From the polished facilities of Wilvo Yamaha on one end of the spectrum, professionalising the sport and leaving its spartan past in the dust, to privateers disrupting from amongst the charging pack, it’s clear that no matter how you package MXGP, the raw ability will always shine through.

Watch Season Two of Against All Odds for a three-part appraisal of what went wrong, right, and wrong again in a tumultuous ’22 MXGP

Episode One elevates a season’s cameos, tactics, and apprehensions to a science as Jago Geerts and Thibault Benistant vie for recognition in the MX2 class and analyse every aspect of time both on and off the bike.

Episode Two powers through the pitfalls and ruts for contender Maxime Renaux, unflinching Jeremy Seewer, and "best of” Glenn Coldenhoff, arriving at a candid take on the absolute hell these athletes put their bodies through.

Episode Three tells the story of what should but didn’t happen at the ‘22 MXON at RedBud, and wrangles the season to a close where nothing is set in stone until the last wild weekend.