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Published On:: 25/9/2023

The newest member of the Freeride MTB team at Monster Energy, Vero Sandler, is a pioneer in the world of Mountain Biking and has been carving new lines in the dirt and in the world of MTB for years.

Joining a strong line-up of Freeriders globally, Vero will be repping the brand with full athlete sponsorship and support for her creative approach to video projects and riding in top class freeride events.

“Joining the Monster team has been a dream of mine for years, I’m just so hyped to be a part of such a sick line up of riders and to work with a company who creates awesome opportunities for freeride mountain bikers. I can’t wait to work on some really exciting projects with the team…I’ve got some new ideas for video projects that I want to put out, and some fresh lines to dig in my backyard. Hyped to work on some dreamy projects with the team!”

Originally a World Cup Downhill racer, the New Zealand native moved away from the world of racing to focus on what she loves the most; which is riding big jumps, carving out new and fresh lines and taking on the freeride world with her legendary skills. Her upbringing in NZ was a life lived mostly outdoors and fed her creative approach to building jumps and a rare perspective and unique ability to adapt her riding against any discipline. Currently living and riding in Wales, UK has broadened the horizons of digging trails and building a freeride paradise.

With iconic video projects under her belt already; like Vision, the first pay-per-view feature-length MTB film following a female freerider, and her most recent Maes Movements with Santa Cruz bikes, as well as her historic X Games Real MTB part, Vero is a full-time freeride legend in the making. Invited to the most credible events in the world of freeride like Darkfest, Formation, Fest Series, Swatch Nines, Backyard Battles, Vero is a staple in the community and considered one of the foremost riders of her generation. Effortlessly combining style both on and off the bike, Vero is an enigma for pushing the boundaries in the world of MTB with a sense of creative flair that is blazing her own unique trail. With recent collections co-designed with 5Ten and Adidas, as well as her own clothing line, Vero’s passion for creating stylish garms for a riding lifestyle is at the forefront of her ambitions.

Vero rides for Santa Cruz bikes, 5Ten/ Adidas, SRAM, WTB, Burgtec, Space Brace and Melon Optics.

Monster Energy is stoked to support Vero with her vision to take Freeriding to the next level and the future holds some seriously big jumps and loamy turns.