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Medal Recap | X Games Aspen 2024

Published On:: 30/1/2024

X Games Aspen 2024 is officially a wrap! Monster Energy freeski and snowboard athletes dominated with 19 Medals in Three Days: 9 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze.

X Games Aspen 2024 is officially a wrap! Monster Energy congratulates its freeski and snowboard athletes on a dominant performance at X Games Aspen 2024. During the three-day event, the world-class team claimed a whopping 19 X Games medals (9 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze) in the 23rd edition of Winter X Games at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado. Visit for exclusive content and highlights.

Presented by Monster Energy as the long-time energy drink partner, X Games Aspen 2024 featured over 100 of the world’s best action sports athletes from 17 countries in ski and snowboard events. A total of 16 medal events awarded 48 medals (gold, silver, bronze) over the weekend, including disciplines of Big Air, Slopestyle, SuperPipe, and Knuckle Huck. For the first time, Knuckle Huck was contested as a dedicated women’s competition in ski and snowboarding.

Documenting the world’s biggest winter action sports showcase, a full 13 hours of X Games coverage were broadcast live in the U.S. on ABC and ESPN. Additionally, all 16 hours of live competitions were streamed in real-time to millions of viewers across the globe on, YouTube, and Twitch.

Here’s how team Monster Energy Unleashed the Beast at X Games Aspen 2024:

The Monster Energy team’s medal run started on Friday in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle, with 17-year-old Mia Brookesfrom Sandbach, United Kingdom, taking her first X Games gold. Brookes dominated the competition by single-handedly posting the three highest scores of the entire contest (95.00, 97.66, and 96.00 points) and dropping a never-been-done trick at X Games with a Cab 1440. She was joined on the podium by 19-year-old Kokomo Murase from Gifu, Japan, taking silver in a closely contested final.


The gold medals and never-been-done (NBD) tricks continued in Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe: The big story of the night was the return to the X Games competition with 23-year-old Chloe Kim from Los Angeles – and the Queen of the Superpipe delivered the goods. After sealing the victory on her first run, Kim stoked the crowd with a history-making Caballerial 1260 as the first woman to land the trick in competition. Kim now owns nine X Games medals (7 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) from nine competition starts in SuperPipe. The Queen is back!


The team continued to claim hardware in the creative Thayer Men’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck. This was the moment for 27-year-old Darcy Sharpe from Calgary, Canada, to unleash his bag of tricks in the session. When all was said and done, Sharpe’s consistency and creative trick selection secured the bronze medal in a no-hold-barred session. Sharpe now owns five X Games medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze).


Single-handedly shutting down the competition, Team Monster Energy secured a full podium sweep in the Pacifico Men’s Ski Big Air. In one of the most contested finals of all time, 19-year-old Monster Army rider Troy Podmilsak from Park City, Utah, claimed gold with an NBD trick on a come-from-behind victory. Battling all the way to the last attempts, 25-year-old Park City rider Alex Hall took silver, and Austria’s Daniel Bacher clinched bronze to complete the sweep. Epic!


Under the floodlights on Buttermilk Mountain, the party crowd celebrated mega airs and high-tech tricks in Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe. Putting on a tremendous air show, 21-year-old Kaishu Hirano from Murakami, Japan, soared the highest at 22 feet, 10 inches above the deck. The younger brother of Ayumu Hirano also earned an X Games bronze as his second X Games medal (2 bronze). Way to close out the first night at X Games Aspen 2024!

The schedule of events was stacked on Saturday. Starting the day on a high note, the Samsung Galaxy Men’s Ski Slopestylesaw six out of eight riders earn scores above the 90-point benchmark. In this intense competition, 23-year-old Birk Ruud from Oslo, Norway, finally claimed his first gold medal in the discipline at X Games. And like that, the reigning 2023 FIS Ski Slopestyle World Champion boosted his total count to 6 X Games Medals (3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze). Right on Ruud’s heels, Park City’s Alex Hall delivered some of the weekend’s most technical rail tricks and aerials to finish fractions of a point behind in silver medal position. Hall now owns 11 X Games medals (5 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze).


In a historic first at X Games, female riders received their own creative showcase in the inaugural Thayer Women’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck. In a battle between Monster Energy teammates, 19-year-old Kokomo Murase from Gifu, Japan, took the gold medal on a show-stopping backside Miller Flip 540 hand drag. Finishing closely behind in the silver medal position, 21-year-old Annika Morgan from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, earned her first X Games medal in a display of street-inspired snowboard ricks.


Without missing a beat, the Thayer Women’s Ski Knuckle Huck opened the floor to female freeskiers. Heeding the call to put down a versatile showcase, 19-year-old Olivia Asselin from Quebec City, Canada, clinched the top spot with a surprise move. Joining her on the podium, 33-year-old Sarah Hoefflin from Geneva, Switzerland, buttered and aired her way to the bronze medal position. A big day for women’s snow action sports, no doubt!


Next up, the Pacifico Men’s Snowboard Big Air final pushed the limits of the sport as riders posted rotations of 1620, 1800, and 1980 with style and finesse. Unimpressed by the boundary-pushing level of riding, 18-year-old Taiga Hasegawa from Iwakura, Japan, put on a progression showcase of his own by landing a flurry of 1980-degree aerials into an unstoppable gold-medal finish. Did we mention he was the youngest in the field?!


Shutting down Saturday night on Buttermilk Mountain with a bang, the Thayer Men’s Ski Knuckle Huck saw a newcomer and a legend claim the top spots. And the fans loved it! In a history-making feat, 26-year-old Colby Stevenson from Park City, Utah, claimed the gold medal as the first rider to claim two victories in the discipline (Stevenson won Ski Knuckle Huck at X Games Aspen 2020 as a rookie). Delivering the kind of creative showmanship that only Knuckle Huck delivers, 32-year-old Henrik Harlaut from Stockholm, Sweden, finessed his way into the silver medal position with signature tricks. In the process, Harlaut expanded his record as the skier owning the most X Games freeski medals to 14 medals (8 gold, 6 silver). The operative word here is legendary!

The final day of X Games Aspen 2024 opened under bluebird skies with more medals in Samsung Galaxy Women's Ski Slopestyle. In a competitive final featuring Olympic champions and X Games gold medalists, 25-year-old Giulia Tanno from Lenzerheide, Switzerland, barged onto the podium with a stacked run for the bronze medal. On the strength of Sunday’s medal, Tanno owns five X Games medals (2 silver and 3 bronze).


Ending X Games Aspen 2024 with a standout performance for the history books, the Pacifico Women’s Snowboard Big Airsaw Kokomo Murase claim gold as her third X Games medal of the weekend. Riding in a league of her own, Murase stacked the most stylish and difficult tricks of the night to take the dominant win with 94.00 points, a solid 19 points ahead of the next competitor. She made history as the third snowboarder to claim three medals at one X Games event and won the $10,000 St Hubert the Stag ‘Best in Snow’ Award for best performance at X Games Aspen 2024. Murase now owns nine X Games medals (3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze).


And that’s a wrap! Congrats again to all our athletes on history-making performances and an amazing 19 medals (9 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze). Way to represent the M-Claw at X Games Aspen!