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Chase Sexton Wins the ’23 Monster Energy SX Triple Crown

Published On:: 12/4/2023

The prestigious Monster Energy Triple Crown of Supercross award stays in-house for the next year, as Monster Energy’s own Chase Sexton (Honda) put up the best numbers in the premier 450 class.

The prestigious Monster Energy Triple Crown of Supercross award stays in-house for the next year, as Monster Energy’s own Chase Sexton (Honda) put up the best numbers in the premier 450 class at Anaheim (Calif.) 2, Arlington (Texas) and this past weekend at Glendale, Ariz., to lay claim to the heralded “Championship within a Championship” for the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season.

Sexton, who placed 2nd at State Farm Stadium behind former (2018 & ‘21) Monster Energy Triple Crown champion, Eli Tomac (Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha), earned another 2nd place finish at AT&T Stadium in Arlington back in February. But it was his opening effort, winning a “chaotic” Triple Crown opener at the second Anaheim installment, that really gave him the momentum he’d carry through the next two Triple Crown rounds.

“Coming into the first Triple Crown at Anaheim 2 I knew I had to stop the bleeding because Eli hadn’t lost a heat race or a main event,” explained Sexton at the post-race press conference. “I was able to stop that.”

Sexton would come out blazing, winning the night’s first race at Anaheim 2. Then, in Race 2, Sexton would make a mistake and put his bike on the ground. But as he has so often, he’d rally back and put his Honda in a decent top five (5th) place finish. Not great, but coupled with his Race 1 win, had him in the running – along with three other riders tied for 1st place heading into the final race. Then, in the third and final Monster Energy Triple Crown race of the evening, Sexton was on it – winning the race and, with his 1-5-1 finish, took the top spot at Anaheim 2.

“I didn’t have the best gate, but I was able to get a good start,” said Sexton of Anaheim 2’s final race. “Jason (Anderson, Monster Energy/Kawasaki) got the holeshot and I felt really good behind him. I had some good lines and I felt really solid in the whoops – which helps a lot. I just wanted to stay close to him, obviously, and then make a pass on Jason and break away as soon as I could. The track was really treacherous, especially the long rhythm section after the start. Just stoked how I rode. I had a lot of fun in the third race. The second race was a bit of a disaster, so I’m just really happy I was able to clutch up and make it happen in that third main event.”

The fact that four racers were tied for the lead heading into the final main event at Anaheim 2 played heavy for Sexton, who would go on to win his second career Monster Energy AMA Supercross 450 class main event at Anaheim 2.

“It was definitely a tall task for me,” he explained. “I really went to the line knowing if I won the race, I would win the whole thing. I was lined up next to Jason (Anderson) and just told myself I had to make it work somehow. I came out in second. It was great to shine at that moment. Going up against these guys is not easy at all. It worked out for me tonight (Anaheim 2).”

With a 2nd place run at Arlington, it was all on the line for Sexton at Glendale last weekend. His 1-2 finish leading into the contest had him up front, but any sort of flub in any of the three main events on the night – and he’s taken himself right out of Monster Energy Triple Crown contention. … That said, Sexton answered the call, stepped up, and brought the title home.

“It’s definitely cool,” said Sexton of the Monster Energy Triple Crown. “Another trophy to put in my house that’s different. What’d I go… 1-2-2? So yeah, my riding’s been solid. The Triple Crowns are very fast-paced. You get off the track, get back to the rig for maybe a few suspension setting changes, then I feel like you’re getting right back up and going back down to the line. And with it being a Triple Crown, a lot can happen.”

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