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A Monster Energy Preview of the 2023 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Published On:: 5/4/2023

Zip your jacket up and pull your beanie down, the 2023 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach is on from April 4 - 14.

Location, Location, Location

Change. Gravity. Taxes. A surf comp at Bells Beach during Easter. These are the only constants in life.

Just an hour away from Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Bells Beach is home to surfing’s longest running professional event. The contest is cloaked in customs. From the AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” blaring from the competition speakers each morning, to the sacred stairs that lead the surfers to the waves, to the iconic bell trophy, it’s enough to make you feel warm and tingly no matter conditions. Which is why, despite being a softer wave than most modern surfers prefer, it’s an event that competitors look forward to each season.

Zip your jacket up and pull your beanie down, the 2023 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach is on from April 4 - 14. Watch on WSL to cheer on the Monster team!


Filipe Toledo: Check his recent Instagram posts to be reminded of his ability at this wave. Lightning fast and with perfect timing, Filipe will be tough to beat.

Bettylou Sakura Johnson: She’s currently sitting No. 9 on the tour — above the mid-year cut line — but a good result at Bells will whisk her to safety going into West Oz.

Seth Moniz: With a fresh quiver of Sharpeye’s under feet, Seth’s going into Bells with white-hot spark. Expect fire.

Gabriel Medina: Gabe finished 9th in the first three events. Not bad, but nowhere near his potential. With his powerful backhand and familiarity with the wave, we could see him get into final’s day at Bells.

Yago Dora: There are few surfers in the world that are more agile and dynamic than Yago, and while goofyfoot’s typically struggle at Bells, his trick-game could elevate him to the podium.

Ethan Ewing: Quite simply, Ethan has reached another level this year, and has become your favorite surfer’s favorite surfer. If there’s some swell, he’ll own the Bowl


Is that a new name on the roster? Yep, Monster Energy is proud to welcome Ethan Ewing to the team! We’re so excited to have this phenom in our fam.

When’s that mid-year cut, again? Bells is the second-to-last event before the mid-year cut, and a chance for surfers to claw up the ranks to safety before the tour gets culled.

How’s the forecast? It’s looking a bit suss in the short term, but getting better toward the end of the event window.