Monster Energy Goes Behind the Scenes of Collab Crib, the Largest Black Influencer House

Published On:: 2022-04-11

In this episode, Monster Energy drops in on Collab Crib for a photoshoot.

In this episode, Monster Energy drops in on Collab Crib for a photoshoot. Located in Atlanta, it’s the largest Black collective of digital influencers. Together, Collab Crib’s creators produce content in an 8,500-square-foot mansion, posting to over 30 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and beyond.

Collab Crib brings together influencers from a variety of different backgrounds, from music and acting to modeling and sports. They include Tracy Billingsley II, Theo Wisseh, Khamyra Sykes, Kaelyn Kastle, Kaychelle Dabney, Robert Dean III, Oneil Rowe, and Noah Webster.

With so many different personalities in the house, you’re bound to have arguments and disagreements, but the creators are quick to point out that those differences can also help everyone come together. A collab house might be full of drama, but it’s also jam-packed with energy, creativity, and fun.

“What we do is lit, and what we do is work — we grind and we work hard,” says Robert Dean III, who co-founded the space alongside YoungGuns CEO Keith Dorsey.

The house provides a chance for the influencers to really get to know each other and to amplify, draw inspiration from, and motivate each other. What you see in Collab Crib isn’t just a content house — you’re going behind the scenes of a family.