What is Sneaker Con? What’s a Sneakerhead?

Published On:: 2022-07-08

Defining Sneaker Con, Sneaker Culture, and How to Become a Sneakerhead.

You’ve probably heard about Sneaker Con, or from the name itself, you can assume it’s some sort of convention for sneakers. But it’s actually much more than that. It’s true, Sneaker Con is the largest sneaker event in North America, but it also represents a culture of Sneakerheads. The sneaker culture brings people and communities together through unique, limited-edition collaborations. You’ve probably heard about the high end, limited editions shoes such as Yeezy by Kayne West, or Air Jordans, and the insane collaborations that occur to make some of the rarest shoes in the world. These shoes are historical, and pretty epic. To see them, let alone get your hands on them, is what every Sneakerhead strives for. In order to Unleash the Beast into Sneaker Con, you must learn the essence of a Sneakerhead themselves. So, let’s dive in, and get the run down on all things sneakers.

First, let’s get the basic vocab down:

SNEAKER CON: The World’s Greatest Sneaker Show and North America’s Largest Sneaker Event where you can buy, sell, and trade some of the most desired footwear in the world.

SNEAKERHEADS: A true sneaker enthusiast, they know about the history and culture of sneakers, and are interested in sneakers that are much more difficult to get.

Now, let’s get into it and break down the basics of Sneaker Con.

Imagine a space that features thousands of rare and desirable sneakers, some of the biggest sneaker collections in the world, live DJs, skate exhibitions, sneaker and merch giveaways, barbers and more. Welcome to Sneaker Con.


Where Does Sneakercon Take Place?

There are conventions across all major US cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, New York and more.


What are the Sneaker Con Booths Like?

Since Sneaker Con is a collection of third-party collectors and vendors, no one booth will be the same as the next. Different booths will have varying sizes and styles, new and used, and the only way to find what you’re looking for is to go by each one and speak to the experts.


Is Sneaker Con all exclusive sneakers?

At Sneaker Con you will typically only find the rarer or more difficult to find sneakers, which is what makes the event all the more fun.


How much do exclusive sneakers cost?

Resale value on Yeezys, Jordans and others can vary anywhere between $250 to $50,000+ depending on the shoe and how rare it is.


What makes a sneaker a collector’s item?

It is generally a combination of the limited quantity produced, the aesthetic features of the shoe and design, and who the collaborator is.


Do Sneakheads Bring Their Own Sneakers to Sneaker Con?

Do you have a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s? Or Adidas Yeezys designed by Kanye West? When you go to Sneaker Con, you can learn the true value of your sneaker collection, and which sneakers are likely to increase in value. You can also get your sneakers authenticated onsite using Sneaker Con and Ebay’s authenticity program and Legit Certified Tags.


What’s the difference between Sneaker Con & an online shoe release?

Sure, brands like Adidas and Nike sell sneakers by the millions, and you can pick them up at almost any retailer, but special guest collabs are usually produced in much smaller quantities to make them more special. This makes these particular pairs of shoes much more difficult to get, and why they end up becoming worth a lot to some. That’s where Sneaker Con comes in. Sneaker Con is a group of collectors and resellers who deal specifically in rare and highly sought after collectible sneakers with an above-retail resale value.


Who Makes Exclusive Sneakers?

Generally, the larger more well-known brands Nike, Adidas, Reebok are known for big name collabs and special drops, and luxury designer labels such as Balenciaga also have some highly sought-after foot-wear. However, there are smaller boutique brands that exist like SIA (Somewhere In America), and the custom sneaker game is growing in popularity, with crew like SD Custom Footwear leveling up the custom-made sneaker-game.

Are these exclusive shoes treated like a trading cards?

Yes! Although unlike trading cards, sneakers are usually bought with the intention of being worn. There are some sneakers and collabs that are a very unique style, and these usually become sought after. Examples of this are the Nike SB x Ben & Jerrys collab, and Virgil Abloh’s (RIP) Off-White x Nike collabs.

Now that you’re an expert on all things Sneaker Con, let’s talk about the Sneakerheads.

What does it take to be a sneakerhead?

Sneakerheads own at least a few pairs of Jordans or Yeezys, and while some collectors do not wear their footwear to retain the resale value, most sneakerheads will wear even their multi-thousand-dollar pairs.


Do Sneakerheads collect & wear their rarest shoes?

Most sneakerheads wear their pairs. Sneakers can be a sign of status, personality, and can dress up and top off a killer outfit. When you’re hitting the streets and you see another person with a fire pair of kicks on, you know immediately you have something in common.


What’s the purpose of going to Sneaker Con if you’re a sneakerhead?

Most sneakerheads are looking for their dream shoes, hoping to stumble across that rare shoe they’ve been after. Some attend in order to trade what they have or sell their pairs to a bigger store like Urban Necessities.


What do Sneakerheads look for in sneakers at Sneaker Con?

Some sneakerheads will be drawn to a particular look or style, while others want to collect the rarest pair they can find. Pairing sneakers with the right outfit is also a must for sneakerheads. Our Heat Check Live series on Instagram with Two Js is a great way to get an idea of the perfect fit.


Does Monster Energy sponsor any Sneakerheads at Sneaker Con?

Our best-known sneaker advocate is Jaysse Lopez aka Two Js Kicks, who owns the largest sneaker retail & resale store in North America, Urban Necessities, located inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. You can learn more about Two Js and Urban Necessities in our HEAT CHECK episodes here and here.


Another huge sneakerhead on our roster is Bun B of UGK (Underground Kingz), who has some of the most coveted collectible footwear in the world including a pair of Eminem x Carhartt collab Nike Air Jordan 4 designed for the 8 Mile film premiere and fetch upwards of $50,000 on Stock X. In his personal collection, Bun also boasts a pair of Air Jordan 2s created especially for Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s “Legends Of The Summer” tour, and were never available for sale. You can see more of Bun B’s personal sneaker collection here.

Other huge sneaker advocates in the Monster Energy family include Bboy Moy, Yung Pinch, DJ Cipha Sounds and June Da Barber.


Outside of Sneaker Con, how do people swoop these limited-edition pairs?

The two most common ways to get limited sneakers as part of a retail drop are via raffle or virtual queue. Apps like SNKRS (Nike) and Confirmed (Adidas) are where it’s at for raffle-style drops, as well as select boutique sneaker retailers. is known its virtual waiting room system. Both are challenging, so while we all want that and hope for that occasional W, be prepared for the L.

Of course you can always pay resale value for the sneakers you want via apps or websites like GOAT or Stock X, or come along to Sneaker Con and see if you can find your prize pair.