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Published On:: 2023-03-08

Meet Felipe Nunes, the 23-year-old Double Amputee Pro Skater who just joined the Monster Energy Roster.

Meet Felipe Nunes, the 23-year-old Double Amputee Pro Skater who just joined the Monster Energy Roster. He’s a beast. He has no limits. He pushes himself to get shit done in ways others thought wasn’t possible.


“No excuses, go do what needs to be done”

He Lost His Legs at 6 Years Old


When Felipe was 6 years old, he and some friends went to the train tracks to “train surf,” which means jumping on a moving train. When the time came for him to try, he froze, and was hit by the train, resulting in the double amputation of his legs. This dare that was a “stupid joke,” would change his life forever.


His Skateboard Became His Legs


At the age of 12, a neighbor gave him a skateboard to get around his hometown of Curitiba Paraná, Brazil.

The skateboard acted as his legs, and became part of his body, allowing him to ditch the wheelchair. This gave him a new love of life. Felipe remembers this early period, “Skateboarding became such a great love. It gave me a surreal feeling that I've never felt.”


Skating to Success


His love for skateboarding grew stronger as he learned new maneuvers and mastered his skills. His first trick was an ollie, and then he learned how to kickflip. After that, Felipe was Unleashed! “When I learned new maneuvers on a daily basis it felt so rewarding. It’s a feeling only those who skate will know what I'm talking about” he says. In 2015, Felipe entered a local skate contest in his hometown, Curitiba, which kicked off his rise to going pro.


Making an Impact at X Games… With a Broken Hand


Days before competing in his first X Games competition, Felipe broke his hand skating a rail. Did that stop him? Hell no! He took X Games on without a brace, just a few painkillers to get him through, and still managed to earn a Silver medal. Felipe has gone on to dominate the Adaptive Skateboard divisions at Dew Tour and STU contests in both street AND park.


No Gloves. Ever.


You’d think for a guy who uses his hands to skate, he’d be wearing gloves 24/7. Not for Felipe. The gloves make him lose sensitivity that is crucial for board control. Gloves makes his grip of the board slippery, which is not something he wants when charging massive handrails.


Tony Hawk… and the Loop


When Tony Hawk first saw clips of Felipe on Instagram and reached out to him in 2017, Felipe started to dream big. He had always dreamed of going to the Tampa Am contest, and Tony made that happen. Tony Hawk also lined up the chance to complete the infamous Full Loop. Which he did… flawlessly… first try! This successful attempt earned Felipe a Guiness Book World Record as the only double amputee to complete the loop. He is now a professional skater for Tony Hawk’s company, Birdhouse Skateboards. Safe to say things have come full circle.


He's a Thrasher Guy


In addition to all his mainstream accomplishments, Felipe has achieved what most skaters only dream of: respect from the core skateboard community. This respect was galvanized when he earned the cover of Thrasher Magazine in November 2019. Felipe is not only a contest skater, but skates hard in the streets. He’s already released two full video parts, with many more to come.


He’s Not Afraid of Anything


For Felipe’s career so far, “overcoming adversity” is an understatement. Felipe wants to show people he can do anything, regardless of the situation. He explains that limitations are a mindset, and if you are determined, you can find a way. Like his mantra “NO EXCUSES”, go and do what needs to be done.


Joining the Monster Roster


It’s official, Felipe has joined the Monster Pro Roster. To those on the team, he’s been part of the Monster crew for many years now, having gone on numerous Monster filming trips. He’s already tight with everyone on the squad. You can find him skating with his good friends and teammates Gabriel Fortunato, Matt Berger, and Giovanni Vianna. As for his favorite drink, like many Brazilians, it’s Mango Loco.


Welcome to the Monster Squad, Felipe!

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