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Anthrax Brings the Noise and Celebrates with SOUND CHECK

Published On:: 07/02/2023

With a garage is literally wallpapered with classic and collectible skate decks; and a hidden music recording studio, we should all be jealous of Elliot Sloan’s pad.

This Monster Energy SOUND CHECK goes backstage at an Anthrax show, where we find the guys getting set to rock hard while trying to wrap their heads around the idea that the band has turned 40.

What?! That’s right. Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and co. are celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band. They’ve shown zero signs of slowing down, and here are some things to know before they take over a stage near you.

(Don’t forget to check out the video to get all the goods on what drives this metal powerhouse, from fan support to inspiration behind fav songs and how those wicked bass lines came about.)


Sick Riffs: Anthrax is known for their sick metal riffs that have been a staple in the thrash metal scene since 1981.


OG Thrash: Anthrax was one of the "Big Four" of thrash metal, alongside Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth.


Iconic Vocalist: Joey Belladonna, the band's iconic vocalist, has a unique and powerful voice that adds to the raw energy of their music.


Lyrical Genius: From “Indians” to “Evil Twin,” Anthrax’s lyrics are often politically charged and thought-provoking, making them more than just your average metal band.


Crowd-Pleasers: Whether it's performing live or in the studio, Anthrax never fails to bring the heat and get the crowd pumped up.


Staying Relevant: Despite being around for over 40 years, Anthrax continues to release fresh material that keeps them relevant in the ever-evolving metal scene. The latest was 2016’s For All Kings, but the group is currently working on material for a new album.


Certified Legends: With their impact on the metal genre and numerous accolades, it's clear that Anthrax is a certified legend in the game.