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Eli Tomac Wins Arizona SX 450 Triple Crown

Published On:: 10/04/2023

Eli Tomac now leads the 450 class; Chase Sexton takes 3rd overall on 450s; Levi Kitchen on 250 WSX podium in 3rd place.

Big points swing at Monster Energy AMA Supercross’ Round 12 in Glendale, Ariz., as Monster Energy’s Eli Tomac (Star Racing/Yamaha) dominated the third and final Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown, going 1st/2nd/1st in the three-race format, and broke the overall 450 class 1st place points tie with Cooper Webb (KTM), who placed 4th on the evening. Monster Energy’s Chase Sexton won the night’s second Triple Crown race and earned the No. 2 spot on the podium next to Tomac with a strong 2nd place finish (4th/1st/3rd), and in doing so was crowned the three-race Monster Energy Triple Crown champion for 2023.

Tomac, who was tied at 248 points with Webb heading into Glendale, walked out of State Farm Stadium on Saturday night seven points up on Webb, 274-267, with five rounds remaining on the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series tour.

Also, with the win Tomac also passed former Monster Energy/Kawasaki racer James “Bubba” Stewart for sole possession of 2nd place on the all-time Monster Energy AMA Supercross wins list. Tomac now has 51 wins, trailing only Monster Energy’s Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath’s amazing 72 career supercross wins.

Rounding out the top ten for Monster Energy at Glendale was Adam Cianciarulo (Kawasaki) in 6th place and Jason Anderson (Kawasaki) in 10th place.

In 250 Western Supercross action Monster Energy’s Levi Kitchen (Star Racing/Yamaha) would sweep three podium finishes (3rd/2nd & 2nd) to secure a 3rd place finish at Glendale. The effort also moved Kitchen onto the overall 250 WSX class podium with 101 points. And in the SX Futures contest, Monster Energy’s was led by two podium placers – Ryder DiFrancesco (Pro Circuit/Kawasaki) in 2nd and Daxton Bennick (Star Racing/Yamaha) in 3rd.

Glendale, Ariz. 450 class results                              250 WSX class results

1st - Tomac (Monster/Star/Yamaha)                          3rd - Kitchen (Monster/Star/Yamaha)

2nd - Sexton (Monster/Honda)                                  10th - Carson Mumford (Monster/PC/Kawasaki)

6th - Cianciarulo (Monster/Kawasaki)                      21st - Stilez Robertson (Monster/Star/Yamaha)


Overall Standings (12 of 17 rounds)

450 class                                                                    250 WSX class

1st - Tomac, 274 points                                             3rd - Kitchen, 101 points

3rd - Sexton, 249 points                                            4th - McAdoo, 101 points

6th - Anderson, 212 points                                       11th - Robertson, 55 points



Race 1

Tomac put down a statement race in the Triple Crown opener, rolling into Race 1 as the No. 1 fastest qualifier – and leaving no doubt as to who was the fastest in the 450 three main events at the home of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. Tomac would win the 13-lap opening race in wire-to-wire fashion over rival Webb, who placed 2nd. Monster Energy’s Sexton got held up a bit at the start (8th after the opening lap), then put down some blazing fast laps, in the 57-second range, late in the contest to rally back to 4th place in Race 1.

Race 2

Great race between Monster Energy’s Sexton and Tomac saw Sexton get out to the early lead – and he looked to be running away with it early, until he stalled his bike, which allowed Tomac to get by for the lead. Undaunted, Sexton came ripping back through the ensuing whoop section and took the lead back – leading all 13 laps for the Race 2 victory. Tomac held strong in 2nd place, leading the field with three points heading into the third and final race.

Race 3

Tomac would come out on top of a wild start and made it clear that he was the top dog at Glendale, leading all 13 laps to secure the overall Triple Crown victory with an impressive 1st/2nd/1st effort on the night. Running fast and consistent in Race 3 was Sexton, who overcame a rough start (where he almost got cleaned out) and battled back to the third and final podium spot. Sexton’s 4th/1st/3rd effort was not only good enough for 2nd place at Glendale, it also earned him the overall Monster Energy Triple Crown title for 2023.


250 WSX

Race 1

Disaster struck Monster Energy’s Stilez Robertson (Star Racing/Yamaha) at the 7:19 mark of Race 1, crashing hard in the whoops, then getting landed on – taking him right out of the night’s 250 program. Avoiding trouble early and dominating the race’s restart over Jett Lawrence (Honda) and RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), Kitchen pulled out to the early lead. Battling valiantly with 250 WSX points leader Lawrence, Kitchen would podium (3rd) in Race 1.

Race 2

The rookie Kitchen got another good start, right behind Hampshire and out front of Lawrence. And while he didn’t quite have enough to catch Hampshire for the win, Kitchen rode extremely well in holding off Lawrence for the entire contest to secure 2nd place in Race 2 – this despite Lawrence putting up the race’s fastest lap on the final lap of the contest. Heading into the third and final Triple Crown 250 WSX race at Glendale, Kitchen was at five points (3rd and 2nd).

Race 3

Big holeshot for Kitchen on the Yamaha YZ250, out front of both Lawrence and Hampshire. Kitchen would lead through Lap 3, when a bobble allowed Lawrence to get by. Motivated, Kitchen would stay on the gas for all 11 laps, bringing ‘er home in 2nd place and securing 3rd place overall – just a click behind Hampshire in 2nd.


Notes & Quotes

“It was a fantastic evening,” said Tomac following the race. “This is somewhat of a local race for me. We have so many friends and family out here. I always have good energy here.”

Added Tomac on the unique Glendale track conditions: “It was a very tough racetrack, one of the slicker ones we’ve raced in a long time. It was fun. It was a different challenge.”

“I was solid tonight,” said Sexton, the overall ’23 Monster Energy Triple Crown champion.

Sexton was nearly taken out of the Triple Crown chase when privateer Kevin Moranz caused a pile up in the first turn of Race 3. “Some guy came wide open into the first turn and hit me and caused a pile up,” added Sexton.

Anderson was running great, battling Webb in Race 3 and looking at, at least, a top five finish when he got sideways in the whoops and slammed (while in 4th position).

Kitchen’s Triple Crown podium sweep at Glendale, his second 250 WSX podium of the season, had him pumped following the race. “I put in some solid laps and had a good time riding with those guys (Lawrence and Hampshire).,” said Kitchen.

“I wasn’t riding that great in practice, so to come out and get three holeshots… that was great,” added Kitchen on his rocket ship starts on the Yamaha YZ250.

“I like Levi Kitchen here tonight. He’s only done like what, six races?” – NBC color commentator Ricky Carmichael on Kitchen’s effort at Glendale.

As if Austin Forkner’s, Seth Hammaker’s and Jo Shimoda’s (Pro Circuit/Kawasaki) SX season-ending injuries weren’t enough, more rough luck for Monster Energy/PC/Kawi racers as 3rd place 250 WSX overall Cameron McAdoo (heading into Glendale) wadded up in practice this week and injured his shoulder, missing the Glendale race – and possibly more.

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