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At Home Workouts with Matt Vincent

Published On: May 15, 2020

To get in a good workout you don’t need to overcomplicate the matter and the easiest way to achieve that is by doing a workout at home with absolutely no gym equipment. No excuses needed! With that in mind we reached out to one of our Monster Hydro athletes; Matt Vincent, who is a Strength Athlete and two-time Highland Games World Champion. We figured he would know a thing or two about workouts at home.

At-home workouts can be successful even using bodyweight. The main issue I see with adherence to these programs is boredom with variety. I have always believed in simple training for the best results. Here are a few circuits that will get things going and help you feel better and continue making progress physically with working out at home. One aspect to not overlook though is to be sure to keep up on your hydration at home. When going to the gym you may be more into a routine as you have your bottle with you but at home don’t forget to have your hydration close by and out of that fridge!

Now “progress” is important to be defined here. If you’re a competitive lifter and the goal is a bigger total (or max strength) then No I don't think it’s reasonable to tell you bodyweight at-home training is going to cut it for you. However, if that is the case and you don’t have proper equipment, I suggest you get to doing whatever you can to hold ground. No matter what your goal is these three circuits done on different days will keep you moving well and give your body something new to adapt to with working out at home. So, the key is consistency. Mixing up a few things like tempo or speed can keep it progressing while using simple bodyweight movements.


Circuit 1: 5 rounds

1.  Tempo squat 5 second decent- 2 second hold- 5 second return x 5 reps
2.  Sock slide lunges x 10 each leg reps
3. Pushups with hand release x 10 reps
4. Jump split squat x 10 reps


Circuit 2: 5 rounds

1. Tempo pushup 5 second decent - 2 second hold - 1 second return x 10 reps
2. Pike pushup x 10 reps
3. Single leg hip thrust x 10 each leg hold for 3 seconds at the top
4. Tempo squat jump 3 seconds decent 1-second hold at bottom jump x 5 reps


Circuit 3: 5 rounds

1. Clamshell planks 5 seconds hold x 10 reps
2. Tricep dip on chair or couch x 10 reps
3. Single-leg Romanian Dead Lift x 10 each leg
4. Side lunge in socks x 10 each leg