Diving in with El Diablo: MotoGP’s speedy special talent

Published On: 1/8/2024

“I’m a nice guy…but when I put my helmet on, it’s ‘devil time’”.

Fabio Quartararo has a memorable name, remarkable talent and a freaky skill to switch characters. On the outside the boyish, fashion-loving, running-obsessed, 24-year-old looks like any other young successful professional. Clicking together the helmet strap he transforms into a force possessed: a racer of unquenchable thirst for spoils – a trait that marked his stable childhood all the way through a competitive adolescence and up to the peak of a sport operating at 350kmph. He drills his prototype Monster Energy Yamaha to the brink. He paints black lines across asphalt from Argentina to Australia. He rubs shoulders with rivals for fractions of a second in lap-times and walks side-by-side with his mortality every time he strides out of a pitbox and onto the saddle of the M1.


Quartararo has scaled the top of Grand Prix racing; winning in Moto2 and MotoGP and lifting the biggest prize in motorcycling in 2021. The bank account is healthy. The lifestyle is dreamy. The profile (football with Kylian Mbappé anyone?) enviable. So, what continues to move and motivate ‘El Diablo’? How much of a demon is mixed with the decent guy?


Among the cosmopolitan fabric of MotoGP – the biggest and fastest motorcycle racing series in the world – FQ20 is a big deal. The curiosity around him creates fascination. The energy and the looks and the easy-going manner means he is in the ‘hot zone’ as a star of the present and the future. His threads, cars and non-sport activities have driven a dedicated social media following, but why is Fabio so good?


An elite sportsman’s psyche is an incredibly engrossing mystery. The ways (and the reasons) these people are different to us always prods the imagination. Monster Energy tracked Fabio throughout 2023, spoke to his closest confidants and looked for a way to see behind the shades.  Join us as we dive into the man behind the visor and what it takes to be a winner.