The Pit | Up & Up College Music Festival Presents Headliner Dr. Fresch

Published On: 12/1/2023

The Monster Energy Up & Up college music festival featured Dr. Fresch as the headliner for Fall 2023.

The Monster Energy Up & Up college music festival featured Dr. Fresch as the headliner for Fall 2023. Amongst the array of universities, UC Santa Barbara claimed the top spot by selling an impressive 1,000 tickets in just 48 hours. This feat won them the opportunity to co-produce an unforgettable experience right in the heart of their own vibrant campus.


Up & Up is one of the biggest college music festivals out there, but what sets it apart is its flexibility and freedom from rigid schedules or prearranged routes. Instead, they believe in empowering students, giving them the reins to shape their own experiences by implementing innovative guerrilla marketing and influencer campaigns to boost sales and win. Across the United States, more than 100 teams of college student ambassadors eagerly competed in a pre-sale competition, rallying their schools to sell tickets and vie for one of only five spots on the festival's itinerary. 


“I think people are starting to understand that this is a competition,” said Will Macey, the UCSB Up & Up president. “People were like, ‘Oh, Up & Up is back and UCSB is trying to win. Let’s get our tickets. Let’s go rave.’” 


This unique hands-on ticketing process not only fosters community, but cultivates a true sense of ownership among the participants, a large part of the organization’s distinct mission. It also allows students to showcase their creativity and gain valuable skills in event management, marketing, and more. Additionally, only the credit cards of the winning school are processed, leading to sold-out shows in premium venues semester after semester.


In 2016, Up & Up festival series took off by introducing a roster of talented artists, including Cash Cash as the headliner, and quickly expanding across the nation, featuring Alan Walker, GRYFFIN, Two Friends & Slushii, Lost Kings, Elephante, Troyboi, Loud Luxury, San Holo, Dom Dolla, and Chris Lorenzo respectively.


Beyond the music itself, the Monster Energy Up & Up College Music Festival is committed to making a positive impact on the college communities it visits. The festival actively engages with local businesses, collaborating with student organizations and supporting charitable causes. By doing so, Up & Up aims to build togetherness and pride among students while giving back to the general public.