Love of The Game Leads Trio of Monster Energy Bull Riders To World Finals

Published On: 5/6/2024

No matter the outcome, Boudreaux Campbell loves his job.

No matter the outcome, Boudreaux Campbell loves his job.

“It’s been a rough season,” said Campbell, who is ranked 27th in the PBR world standings. “Anyone who’s following along knows that but, at the end of the day, I love riding bulls.”

He especially loves knowing he will be competing at the PBR World Finals over the next couple weeks. Campbell is one of a trio of Monster Energy bull riders, including Kaique Pacheco, 11, and Daylon Swearingen, 19, who will be competing among the Top 40 at the famed Cowtown Coliseum. 

Two-time world champion Jose Vitor Leme, 33, would have been a fourth Monster Energy rider to qualify, but had previously announced he was taking time off until the PBR Team Series.

In a heartfelt social media post, Leme wrote, “The past few months have been one of great battles where I battled an injury that left me out of much of the Unleash the Beast season, the PBR Individual World Championship.” 

Calling it the hardest decision of his professional career, Leme continued, “I will not be competing in any of the remaining five stages of this UTB season. Consequently, I will also not be competing in the PBR World Finals in May, being out of what would be my eighth straight World Final.” 

Over the past 12 months, Leme has dealt with broken ribs along with injuries to both groins and his hamstring.  

Pacheco has been hampered by a knee injury that has nothing to do with the broken leg that kept him out of last year’s World Finals, but said, “oh yes, I’m ready” when asked about this year’s Finals. And, like Campbell, Swearingen has been frustrated by inconsistencies but displayed flashes of past brilliance.  

In the Pacific Northwest, Swearingen returned to using his “old” rope and promptly covered his first two bulls in Everett, Washington, to finish in the Top 5 of the event average. 

"It's time to get the job done," Swearingen said.

Swearengin, Pacheco, and Campbell will be in Fort Worth this week. 

Each one ready to battle for the event average title. 

“It’s my job,” Campbell said, “so I’m going to give it all I got.”