Kokomo Murase Wins Women’s Snowboard Big Air At FIS World Cup in Chur, Switzerland

Published On: 10/24/2023

The new FIS World Cup season starts with a win! Congratulations to team rider Kokomo Murase on taking first place in Women’s Snowboard Big Air at the FIS World Cup in Chur, Switzerland.

The new FIS World Cup season starts with a win! Monster Energy congratulates team rider Kokomo Murase on taking first place in Women’s Snowboard Big Air at the FIS World Cup in Chur, Switzerland. In the season-opening event sanctioned by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the 18-year-old from Gifu, Japan, claimed the win with creative aerial moves in the final.

The podiums continued with 16-year-old Mia Brookes from Sandbach, United Kingdom taking third place in the competition. Keep an eye on Brookes this year: In the past year, she earned the title of World Champion in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle and made history with a never-been-landed trick.

In the weekend’s Men’s Freeski Big Air event overshadowed by adverse weather, 18-year-old Daniel Bacherfrom Innsbruck, Austria, soared into second place. Also taking a podium in the men’s event, 23-year-old Birk Ruudfrom Baerum, Norway, claimed third place. The Women’s Freeski Big Air competition concluded with 32-year-old Sarah Hoefflin from Geneva, Switzerland, in third place.

From October 20-21, 2023, the famous resort town of Chur in the Swiss Alps once again became the focus for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. As the official 2023/24 FIS Snowboard and Freeski World Cup season opener, the Big Air Chur Festival featured next-level aerials on the giant Big Air jump. In a festival atmosphere, spectators also enjoyed musical performances from artists including Scooter and G-Eazy.


The Women’s Snowboard Big Air contest was showcased in a festival atmosphere under the floodlights. Dealing with adverse weather and heavy winds, park building experts Schneestern worked hard to bring the Big Air jump back to competition-grade condition.

In the heavy final session featuring ten of the world’s best riders, Monster Energy’s Murase showed her consistency and technical ability. On her first run, the 18-year-old Japanese rider put down a backside double cork 1080 mute grab and followed up with a frontside 1080 truck driver on the third and final run for a total score of 179.25 points.

This weekend’s victory in Chur marks the second FIS World Cup win for Murase. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Murase represented Japan and earned the bronze medal in Women’s Snowboard Big Air.

Also rising to the podium, 16-year-old UK team rider Brookes demonstrated her deep bag of tricks and aerial skills in the final. Brookes set the bar by landing the highest scoring trick of the evening, a massive cab 1080 melon grab. On her second run, she posted a massive backside 900 Indy for 169.75 points and third place.

Before heading to Switzerland, Brookes earned the Women’s Snowboard Rider of the Week trophy at the 2023 Monster Energy Jossi Wells Invitational. Last season, Brookes earned the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle World Champion title and made history with a never-been-done aerial. Keep an eye on her this season!

The Chur season opener kicked off amid challenging weather conditions that canceled Friday night’s Freeski Big Air finals. As a result, winners had to be determined based on qualifier scores, with three Monster Energy riders rising to the podium.


In the Men’s Freeski Big Air qualifier, 18-year-old Austrian team rider Bacher posted a switch left tailbutter 1440 safety grab for 92.00 points and second place. Also making the podium in Chur, Norwegian team rider Ruud posted a left double bio 1800 mute. When all was said and done, the score of 91.00 points earned Ruud third place and crucial season ranking points. 

When the Women’s Freeski Big Air podium was decided, Swiss team rider Hoefflin secured third place by landing a technical switch left double cork 1080 mute for 91.75 points.

Ready for more FIS World Cup action? Stay tuned when the FIS World Cup season continues in China with the Beijing FIS Freeski World Cup from November 30 to December 02, 2023.