This Way In, Margaret River Pro 2024

Published On: 4/11/2024

A Monster Energy preview of the 2024 Western Australia Margaret River Pro.

Location, Location, Location

There was a time when the eyes of the collective surf community would roll when the WSL went to Margaret River. “The West” wasn’t really best, no matter how many times the commentators said it. Not that it wasn’t exciting. It was. The raw power of the ocean in this part of the world is enough to make the hairs of your neck stand tall. But, given that it takes place in the middle of the year, the stakes never felt high enough to make you pay attention. No longer. With the WSL implementing and sticking to the controversial mid-year cut, in which the lowest ranked 12 men and 6 women are knocked off the tour, the stakes could not be higher. This contest will be the last chance for many to keep their spot or be relegated to the Challenger Series. The intrigue. The drama. The waves! We’re getting excited.

The 2024 Western Australia Margaret River Pro runs from April 11 - 21. Tune into to cheer on the Monster team!

Monster Threats

Ethan Ewing: He has a tendency to make Western Australian waves look like paper mache. His board? A freshly sharpened knife. 

Bettylou Sakura Johnson: Margaret River’s Main Break is a doppelganger for BSJ’s home break, Haleiwa. She’s ready. 

Crosby Colapinto: Safe from the cut and sprinting toward a Rookie Of The Year title. Margies should treat him well.

Gabriel Medina: He’s at risk for the midyear cut and he’s won here before. Wouldn’t bet against him.

Yago Dora: He’s not afraid to match power with power and if the wave calls for tricks, he’s got those, too. 

Seth Moniz: He’s just below the cut going into Margarets. He’ll need to make a few heats to leapfrog that line.

Kade Matson: The rookie is below the cutline, but don’t be surprised if he makes a run in WA. He’s got nothing to lose.

Three questions

How’s the forecast? Meh. There’s always swell in this part of the world, it just depends on the conditions — and those are always changing.

What will the surfers be up to on lay days? A whole lotta golf, wineries, caves and fishing. 

Anything else of note? Keep an eye out for the boats and Jet Skis buzzing outside the lineups. They’re looking for sharks (and they often find them).