This Way In, Pipeline Pro 2024

Published On: 1/30/2024

A Monster Energy Preview of the 2024 Lexus Pipe Pro!

This Way In 

A Monster Energy Preview of the 2024 Lexus Pipe Pro


Location, Location, Location

Pipeline is the alpha and omega of surf spots, a wave often touted as the most photographed, most dangerous and most crowded on the planet. Breaking just a shouting distance from the pristine white sands of Oahu’s North Shore, the iconic A-frame peak attracts the world’s hungriest barrel hunters, and is a fitting start to the 2024 World Surf League’s Championship Tour. The excitement of the wave. The anticipation of a new season. Anyone could win! It all starts now.  

With passionate crowds on the beach and thousands watching from home, this aquatic amphitheater provides the greatest show in surfing.  Grab the popcorn. The waiting period for the 2024 Billabong Pipe Pro is January 29 - February 10. 

Tune into or Youtube to cheer on the Monster team!


Monster Threats

Filipe Toledo: The reigning world champ would love to come out the gates with a big performance in big surf, the one area where he allegedly has a weakness. 

Ethan Ewing: With his laser cutter carves and silky stylethe world No. 2  is your favorite surfer’s favorite surfer, and he’s hoping to maintain his momentum in the first event of 2024.

Gabriel Medina: One of the most dominant competitors ever at Pipeline. And after just missing out on the Final 5 last year, expect Gabe to show up hungry.

Yago Dora: The stylish goofyfoot has proven time and again he’s not just an air guy, and can hold his own in heavy surf. He’s due for a keeper result.

Seth Moniz: The man just gets better and better out there. After a runner up finish at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in early January, Seth is warmed up and ready to reach the podium at Pipe.

Kade Matson: Rookie Kade will be putting on a CT jersey for the first time at Pipeline, anxious to debut his talents on the big stage. Good luck, Kade!
Crosby Colapinto: Although he’s also a  rookie, Crosby has spent countless hours at Pipe and Backdoor, and could be a darkhorse to take out the entire event. 

Bettylou Sakura-Johnson: Bettylou is back and looking for some Backdoor runners! Expect the local girl to flex her knowledge of the reef over her competitors.


3 Questions

  1. How’s the forecast look? Plenty of surf on the horizon, and while there’s spats of bad weather intermixed, there should be ample opportunity to hold the competition in quality surf.
  2. So, this isn’t the Pipe Masters? No, that event has decoupled from the WSL and now runs in December as an invitational event. 
  3. Anything else to note for this season? Well, it’s an Olympic year, and we’ve got a few team riders ready to compete, including Filipe and Ethan. Lez go.