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Published On:: 2024/05/16

The Monster Energy Backyard Battle series is back for more unfiltered freeride mayhem in 2024, putting no less than five stops on the map that will see the series revisit some of the now familiar stomping grounds that are set to get some dialled in mods and adding two brand new editions touching down in uncharted territory.

The series aims to pay homage to the classic backyard jams in the early days of freeride that will include both seasoned pros and spotlight lesser-known rippers.

Invited riders from all over the world will be passing through the hosts’ yards for progressive sessions in a relaxed atmosphere that will allow for pushing creativity and their abilities to the next level. Removing the pressures of top-level contest formats and enabling the creation of innovative features that are not only utilised during the event, but for years to come by the host riders and peers to help boost progression in their local scenes.


“The Backyard Battle events are purely about having fun with your mates, pushing each other to try new things and getting ALL the airtime. – Daniel Ruso.

“My goal is to draw some inspiration from some of the skate and snowboarding events I’ve seen, with more relaxed jam sessions and having everyone feeding off one another rather than competing against each other, I can’t wait to do it all again.” – Paul Couderc

The 2024 Monster Energy Backyard Battle hosts and event dates. 

  • Vero Sandler & Sam Hodgson Edition – Wales, 3-7 June 
  • Daniel & Elias Ruso Edition – Austria, 25-28 June 
  • Paul Couderc Edition – France, 11-14 July 
  • Lukas Schafer’s Black Mass Edition – Germany, 20-24 August 
  • Adolf Silva Edition – Spain, 4-7 November

Vero Sandler and Sam Hodgson’s edition is set to kick off the series in early June on their property in Wales, soon to unveil a brand-new course that’s been under construction over the past 6 months, featuring multiple lines and a huge list of riders attending. Make sure to follow @backyardbattlemtb across all socials for exclusive coverage, invited riders, behind-the- scenes content and event updates. 


“It’s so sick to see events moving in this direction. If you’re a freerider and you aren’t building your own jumps and inviting your friends over to come ride them, are you even a freerider?” - Sam Hodgson